An Appeal from UMKR

UMKR has important church legislation for our denomination's global General Conference, to be held in 2021. These resolutions address:

protecting Palestinian children,
defending the right to boycott,
divesting from the bonds of occupation governments, and other timely justice issues.

We also have BIG PLANS for educating

A LOT of people throughout our church about Palestinian rights, with literature, displays, speakers, meals, and witness actions!

With very limited resources, UMKR has made a BIG  impact in the global United Methodist Church! Groundbreaking divestment and boycott actions by the UMC would never have happened without UMKR's advocacy AND all the extraordinary partners and allies who helped us.

General Conference is always our BEST OPPORTUNITY to make a worldwide impactfor Palestinian rights throughout our denomination.

But, if we are to succeed in advocating for justice with thousands of United Methodists who come to General Conference from four continents,WE NEED YOUR HELP!

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will be greatly appreciated.

Recorded Webinar  •  14 April 2020:
Legislating Against Criticism of Israel
- the Ongoing Assault on Americans' Free Speech

Palestine Legal and Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP)

Peter Beinart, leading journalist, political commentator and author  • Dima Khalidi, Founder and Director of Palestine Legal, Cooperating Counsel at Center for Constitutional Rights  • Lara Friedman, President, Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP), political analyst
     The U.S. is facing ongoing and ever-expanding efforts to use new legislation as a weapon to quash free speech and activism that challenges Israeli policies. This webinar, featuring experts who are on the front lines of challenging and documenting these efforts, explores the phenomenon in its various current and emerging forms, including so-called anti-BDS laws and legislation that exploits the pretext of fighting antisemitism.
     The discussion includes an examination of the various forms of attack, the situation in state legislatures and Congress, and the role of Executive Orders. It will also examine legal efforts to challenge such laws, including court cases thus far and likely cases that could emerge in the future.
Watch it here

Recorded Webinar  •  13 April 2020
Israel-Palestine at the International Criminal Court
Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP)
     • Dr Michael G Kearney (Al Haq)  • Hagai El-Ad (B’Tselem)  • Liz Evenson (Human Rights Watch)  • Katherine Gallagher (Center for Constitutional Rights) • Lara Friedman (FMEP)
     The International Criminal Court (ICC) is currently considering opening a formal probe into Israeli and Palestinian actions in the Occupied Territories. This webinar examines that case — what it is about, why and how it was brought before the ICC, and the controversy that it has generated. Our expert panelists also delve into the broader stakes involved in this case – a case that is testing the legitimacy and viability of both the court and the international law it is designed to uphold.
Watch it here

Recorded Webinar  •  7 April 2020
COVID-19 & The Settlements
The Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP) and Americans for Peace Now (APN)
     This webinar looks at settlements and occupation in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, including the very different Israeli policies vis-a-vis movement and travel of Palestinians and West Bank settlers, Israeli government moves to advance settlement projects while the world’s focus is on the health crisis, and continued settler violence against Palestinians.
    The webinar features two experts who work on these issues on the ground:  Lior Amihai, Executive Director of Yesh Din. and Brian Reeves, Director Development & External Relations at Peace Now. The moderator is FMEP President Lara Friedman.
Watch it here

Recorded Webinar Series •  March-April 2020
A Three-Part Series: COVID-19 & the Healthcare Systems in Israel/Palestine
Middle East Institute (MEI) and Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP)

     For nations around the globe, the COVID-19 crisis is both creating new challenges and exacerbating existing ones. This is especially true in Israel-Palestine, where Israelis and Palestinians live in close proximity, all under overarching Israeli authority but under regimes that afford them separate and grossly unequal access to health services.
  In this context, the webinar series will examine how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting the very different and yet highly interconnected environments in Israel-Palestine, highlighting expert voices on the ground.
Co-hosts:Lara Friedman (FMEP) and Khaled Elgindy (MEI)

Part 3: Israel
Henriette Chacar, +972 Magazine
Ran Goldstein, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel
Watch it here

Part 2: West Bank and East Jerusalem
Tareq Baconi, International Crisis Group

Jessica Montell, HaMoked - Israeli human rights & legal aid center
Watch it here

Part 1: Gaza
Tania Hary, Gisha – Legal Center for Freedom of Movement

Dr. Ghada Al Jadba, UNRWA
Watch it here

Recorded Webinar  •  25 March 2020
Update on Coronavirus in Palestine

Palestine correspondent, Yumna Patel, joined Mondoweiss senior editor Phil Weiss to give a detailed update on the coronavirus outbreak in Palestine. Patel is based in Bethlehem, the epicenter of the outbreak in the occupied West Bank.
Watch it here


Webinar Series • Every Tuesday through 19 May 2020
30 minutes: 8:30 am Pacific / 11:30 am Eastern
Eastertide Meditations: Calls to Spiritual Activism from the Middle East
Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP)

Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon, executive director of CMEP,  gathers with Christian leaders from across the Middle East weekly during Eastertide 2020 for Eastertide Meditations, a series of conversations designed to bring us from the resurrection of Easter Sunday to Pentecost. Rev. Dr. Cannon and her guests discuss how Christians in the Middle East are doing during this challenging time and answer the question: What is the need that American Christians can help with in your work? You’ll leave each session with practical steps that will point to ways you can advocate for peace and justice. Each session ends with a led prayer.

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Webinar  •  14 May 2020
11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

Biden, Trump, Congress & Palestine, Israel
- 2020 Elections

Indiana Center for Middle East Peace

ICMEP continues their series of programs with leaders in the struggle for Palestinian justice. Dr. Michael Spath interviews Josh Ruebner, Adjunct Professor of Middle East Studies at Georgetown University and Managing Director for American Muslims for Palestine.
    We'll be focusing on: the proposed Israeli annexation of vast swaths of the West Bank (with tacit US approval), Palestine-Israel and the US Presidential and congressional races, UNWRA funding, the important work of American Muslims for Palestine, and more.
    Josh Ruebner is former National Policy Director for US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), and author of Israel: Democracy or Apartheid State? (2017) and Shattered Hopes: Obama's Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace (2013).
Ruebner’s latest article is "Biden, Israel, and the Palestinians,"
in Mondoweiss:
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Click this link to join the Zoom meeting directly

Or join by phone - call one of these numbers:
1-312-626-6799 US  or 1-646-876-9923




On May 14 and 15, you are invited to join events marking 72 years since the Palestinian Nakba, or catastrophe - the ethnic cleansing and forcible displacement of a majority of the indigenous Palestinian population by Zionist militias to make room for an exclusionary, settler-colonial state.
     The Nakba continues today for Palestinians living under Israel’s regime of occupation and apartheid, with the support of complicit states, corporations and institutions.
     Most Palestinians exiled from their homeland still carry the keys to their beloved homes. The Palestinian refugee key has become a reminder of the Palestinian tragedy, and a symbol of the determination to ensure that our refugees can one day return.
     Nakba scenes of forced displacement remind us of the experience of many millions of migrants, refugees and homeless people around the world who have no place to call home due to the devastating impacts of militarism, racism, neoliberal capitalism and the climate crisis.
     Today, COVID-19 adds to the grave threats that Palestinians and other vulnerable populations worldwide already face.
     Our May 14 and 15 events will commemorate the Nakba, oppose displacement and homelessness, and mobilize for return as the #KeyToJustice. Join us!

Webinar  •  14 May 2020
6am Pacific / 9am Eastern / 2pm UK / 4 PM Palestine
#KeyToJustice Webinar
BDS Movement

• Rafeef Ziadah is an assistant professor of Middle East politics at SOAS (UK)
• Marta Ill is part of the Sindicat de Lllogateres (renters trade union) in Barcelona
• Rey Perez Asis is program coordinator at Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants
In the week of the 72nd anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, during the coronavirus outbreak, as people worldwide are under lockdown, many are not able to stay at home. Refugees, migrants and those struggling with housing issues do not have access to homes, even as governments order them to stay home.
     The panelists will analyze the connections between the Palestinian struggle to end the ongoing Nakba and the struggles of millions of refugees, migrants and those struggling for adequate housing worldwide, particularly during the pandemic. They will discuss rights that are the key to justice, as well as calls to action.
See more at the BDS Movement website
Join the webinar via this link

or on the Facebook Page for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement

Global Social Media Action • 15 May 2020
#KeyToJustice Action
Share a photo of yourself on social media holding a key, and tag your post with #KeyToJustice. The key symbolizes not just Palestinian refugees’ return, but the connectedness of our struggles for equality, dignity and freedom, for all those without homes, facing brutality and resisting erasure.
See more about this action at the BDS Movement website
On that page, scroll down to see the do-it-yourself video for making a key at home

Nakba Day Rally  •  15 May 2020

Our collective mobilisations will help turn
the #KeyToJustice.


Virtual Rally  •  15 May 2020
11am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern / 7pm United Kingdom / 8pm South Africa / 9pm Palestine
Nakba Day Rally
• Palestine Solidarity Campaign (UK)
• Jewish Voice for Peace (US)
• BDS Movement (Palestine)
• South African BDS Coalition

     Join the global online Nakba Day Rally on May 15th 2020. We'll be hearing from Palestinian speakers, performers and artists, as well as key figures in the solidarity movement! Special guests include:

Nakba week is an important date in the calendar for Palestinians and for Palestinian rights activists. Literally translating as "The Catastrophe", the Nakba refers the ethnic cleansing of Palestine - the  destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages and the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland when Israel was founded.
     You can find out more in JVP’s Nakba factsheet, and you can hear directly from Palestinian voices about what Nakba means to them in the online rally next week!
    The catastrophes of the Nakba continue through ongoing land theft and expulsion. We are just weeks away from the likely threat of annexation, which would mean even more deeply entrenched apartheid, more home and village demolitions, and the further loss of Palestinian land, livelihoods, and connections.
    We refuse to be a part of this plan. As we organize with our partners to pressure governments, diplomats, and NGOs to use their power to stop annexation, we must also help build a stronger global movement. On Nakba Day, we will take another step toward this.
Register here

Webinar  •  15 May 2020
7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern / 5am Palestine
Nakba: Never Forgotten | 72 Years of Resilience
American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)

     May 15th is recognized as a day that people across the globe commemorate as the Nakba, the greatest catastrophe that has befallen the Palestinian people. It has been more than seven decades since the State of Israel began its institutionalized theft of Palestinian land and oppression of the Palestinian people. Despite blow after blow and catastrophe after catastrophe, the Palestinian people have remained resilient and have never given up.
     This Friday,  AMP cordially invites you to attend our commemoration of the Nakba. This event will feature renowned speakers such as renowned Palestinian historiographer, Salman Abusitta and Palestinians from across the diaspora including Jerusalem, Gaza, and the refugee camps of Lebanon to discuss the important work that AMP is doing here in the US. Join us for this incredible night!
Register here

Peace Not Walls (PNW) 2020 Virtual Series
16 May   •   23 May   •   30 May
9am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern / 7pm Palestine

For six Saturdays in a row, beginning on Saturday, April 25th, PNW participants in the U.S. and partners in the Middle East will engage in weekly conversations about how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the Lutheran ministries in the Holy Land and how the Lutheran World Federation-Jerusalem Program and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL) are responding in order to continue their vital medical, ecclesiastical and educational work.  In addition, these virtual meetings will provide an opportunity for participants and partners to discuss aspects of the ongoing Israeli occupation, especially the expansion of Israeli settlements and other human rights violations occurring in the shadow of the pandemic.
Session 4 -
ELCJHL Mission Personnel • 16 May 2020
9am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern / 7pm Palestine

Session 4 will be a conversation with Pastor Carrie Ballenger (Jerusalem) and Pastors Meghan and Gabi Aelabouni, Jerusalem/West Bank YAGM Country Coordinators, who will share reflections on the impact of the pandemic on the churches and their communities in the context of occupation.
SEE BELOW: Instructions on how to join these webinars
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Session 5 -
ELCJHL Pastors Imad and Fursan • 23 May 2020
9am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern / 7pm Palestine

Session 5 will be a conversation with Pastor Imad Haddad (Amman) and Pastor Fursan Zumot (Jerusalem) about the impact of the pandemic on the church and the wider community and their response.
SEE BELOW: Instructions on how to join these webinars
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Session 6 - ELCJHL Pastor Mitri Raheb  •  30 May 2020
9am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern / 7pm Palestine

Session 6 will be a conversation with Dr. Mitri Raheb, Founder and President of Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture in Bethlehem, about the impact of the pandemic on the church, educational institutions,  and the wider community in the context of occupation and their response.
SEE BELOW: Instructions on how to join these webinars
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Instructions on how to join:
    1.    Click on the “Join here” link for the date and time indicated for the session you are joining.
    2.    You will be prompted to choose: “Download the Windows App” or “Watch on the web instead”.
    3.    Choose “Watch on the web instead” and it will take you to a screen that gives you the option to “Sign in” or “join anonymously”. Choose “join anonymously” and it will take you to the page with the webinar. (You need a Microsoft account to use the “sign in” option)
    4.    You will be logged in as an attendee. This will be a webinar format. Once on the platform you will have the opportunity to type in questions throughout the webinar.
    5.    If you have trouble getting on at the time of the webinar: email Johanna Olson for tech support:
    6.    Tips: It is recommended to sign in a bit early to make sure this works for you. It may be easier to use a laptop than a tablet.


Webinar  •  16 May 2020
9:00 am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern / 7:00 pm Palestine
Commemorate by Resisting:
The Nakba and Indigenous Struggles

Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA)

You are invited to FOSNA's Nakba Commemoration to hear stories from Palestinian and Native American resistance, with:
Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi in conversation with Indigenous scholar-activist Melanie Yazzie and Palestinian American activist Nadya Tannous.

From Palestine to Turtle Island (North America) settler colonialism continues to exploit land and natural resources to the detriment of indigenous communities. These powerful women will share past and present stories of Indigenous resistance to colonialism, connecting their struggles for liberation.  
Register here


Webinar  •  21 May 2020
3:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 pm Eastern
Tied in a Single Garment of Destiny:
Black Christian Reflections on Palestine

Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA)

As people of African descent, our struggle against the racism, economic exploitation, and militarism of the United States, what Rev. Dr. King dubbed the “giant triplets,” ties us to the Palestinian people, who face these giants as well, under Israeli occupation. And today those most harmed by the triple evils are disproportionately impacted by the giant of the COVID-19 public health crisis. It is more apparent than ever that Palestinians and Black Americans are tied in "a single garment of destiny," what affects one directly affects the other indirectly.
   This panel (see the banner above) will reflect on how the triple evils tie together Black and Palestinian stories, our past and present struggles for justice, and the role of the Church and liberation theologies in the march toward
freedom. Join us  to learn more about the challenges and possibilities in this moment of political, moral, and existential crisis.
Register here

CMEP's National Advocacy Summit, now to be presented digitally
22 June 2020
Equal in God’s Eyes:
Human Rights and Dignity for All in Israel/Palestine

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP)  

“And the second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’
There is no commandment greater than these.”
Mark 12:31

Injustice and strife have created victims on all sides of the conflict in Israel and Palestine. From local communities to the Middle East as a whole, no group goes untouched. The conflict denies dignity and fundamental human rights for every individual living through the situation.
     The best way to change the world is by changing how we act in the world: treating others as Christ demands us; following the example of early Christians who blazed a trail of equality. As followers of Christ, we are all equal in God’s eyes. At Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) we believe that our differences should not divide us, rather they should open
opportunities for learning, growth, and community.
     Join us online June 22, 2020 for our annual advocacy summit where we will work to remove the obstacles that prevent us from seeing both Israelis and Palestinians as human beings and deserving of human rights and help us move toward seeing everyone as equal in God’s eyes and the actions that follow out of that belief. CMEP embraces an impassioned call for justice and peace for all people of the Middle East.
     Speakers will explore topics like Palestinian dignity, inalienable rights, and the future of the peace process. We will provide training, instruction, and time for you to contact your Congressperson’s office as we advocate for legislation around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Come be part of our Advocacy Summit and be an advocate for equality for all people in God’s eyes!  Price tiers available based on ability to pay. 
Get tickets here


Connect with the Palestinians in the

Holy Land and with activists around

the world. During the Covid-19 global

health crisis, while so many of us are

required to stay at home, there are an

abundance of digital events being


Many are educational and also provide avenues for justice action, some

include film screenings, and others provide personal support in a difficult time.

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United Methodists are responding to the urgent call from Palestinian Christians in
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