Settlement Companies that are in the United Methodist
General Board of Pension and Health Benefits Portfolios

Since all of these companies and/or their subsidiaries are physically present in the illegal settlements, and since the UMC in 2012 called for a boycott of all companies producing goods and services in the settlements, UMKR recommends divestment from all of them.

Most of these investments were purchased after the 2012 General Conference.

ARIELI GROUP (TLV:AZRG) has a subsidiary, Sonol, which has petrol stations and convenience stores in many Israeli settlements across the West Bank, including Ariel, Ma’ale Efraim, Ma’ale Adumim, Kedumim, Eli, Kfar Adumim, and Almo, as well as in occupied East Jerusalem in Ramot Alon and Sheikh Jarrah.  Sonol owns a petrol station next to the Qalandia checkpoint, near the entrance to the Atarot Industrial Zone in the West Bank. It also operates petrol stations in the occupied Golan Heights.

BEZEQ (TLV:BEZQ) provides telecommunication services to all of the illegal Israeli settlements, army bases and checkpoints in the West Bank and to Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights

CELLCOM (NYSE:CEL) assembled 241 antennas and telecommunication infrastructure facilities on occupied land in the West Bank and the Golan Heights. Provides cellular communication services to the settlers and Israeli soldiers in the occupied territory, through sales and customer service centers in the settlements of Ariel, Modi’in Illit, Beithar Illit and occupied East Jerusalem. Operates a segregated telemarketing project employing ultra-orthodox Jewish workers in the West Bank settlement of Beithar Illit.

CEMEX (AMEX:CEQ) has operations in three illegal settlements; illegally mines and sells Palestinian natural resources by transporting them to Israel in violation of Hague Conventions. (Page 16)

DELEK GROUP LTD. (TLV:DLEKG) operates gas stations and convenience stores in five illegal settlements and supplied fuel for a settlement construction project.

FRUTAROM INDUSTRIES LTD. (TLV:FRUT) owns a food additives' plant in the illegal settlement industrial zone of Mishor Edomim, next to Ma’ale Adumim in the West Bank.

HEIDELBERG CEMENT AG (ETR:HEI, FRA:HEI) has a subsidiary called Hanson Israel with operations in two illegal West Bank settlements; illegally mines and sells Palestinian natural resources by transporting them to Israel in violation of the Hague Conventions.

HP ENTERPRISE (NYSE:HPE) operates a development center in the settlement of Beitar Illit, provides services to the settlements of Modi’in Illit and Ariel, and provides equipment for Israeli checkpoints in the occupied territory.

 (NASDAQ:PTNR, TLV:PTNR) has hundreds of antennae and infrastructure facilities on occupied land in the West Bank and Golan Heights; provides cellular services to illegal settlers and soldiers in the occupied territories; has sales and service centers in many illegal settlements. French company Orange has announced an end to its relationship with Partner.

PAZ OIL COMPANY LTD. (TLV:PZOL) operates gas stations in eight Israeli settlements.

RAMI LEVY CHAIN STORES (TLV:RMLI) is building a giant superstore in illegal settlement of Ariel and has stores in other illegal settlements including Ma’aele Adumim. (map) and

SHUFERSOL LTD. (TASE:SAE) is Israel’s largest supermarket chain and has stores in illegal settlements such as Gush Etzion, Ariel, and Ma’ale Adumim.

Non-Settlement Companies Sustaining Israel's Occupation that are in the United Methodist General Board of Pension and Health Benefits Portfolios

I. Companies that have already been engaged by the UMC without meaningful change:

Since executives of the starred companies have been engaged by United Methodist boards and agencies on their involvement with Israel’s occupation, for five to twelve years without success, UMKR recommends divestment from those three companies at the earliest opportunity. For details on this engagement, click here.

*CATERPILLAR CORPORATION (NYSE:CAT) provides Israel with military bulldozers and earth-moving equipment, which are used to uproot olive groves, demolish Palestinian homes, construct settlements and build segregated roads and the separation barrier on occupied land 1-2006.pdf

*HEWLETT PACKARD (NYSE:HP) (split into two companies in November 2015) provides data storage for settlements, manages information technology for the Israeli Navy (which routinely shoots at Palestinian fishermen within their legal fishing grounds, shells Palestinian homes, and enforces the blockade in Gaza), and provides biometric monitoring of checkpoints inside the West Bank; operates a segregated business in the illegal settlement of Beithar Illit.

*MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC. (NYSE:MSI) provides surveillance systems for Israeli settlements, military bases and the separation wall, as well as communication devices for the Israeli military. Signed a $100 million, 15-year contract in 2014 with to supply the IDF and other security forces with an encrypted smartphone, enabling navigation and communication during military operations. (This company resulted from a split of Motorola Corporation into two companies.  A number of key Motorola executives remained in MSI and were engaged by UMC entities on the occupation before and after the split.),

II. Partial list of companies for which CORPORATE ENGAGEMENT is recommended:

Many of these companies are major arms suppliers and the church should begin a conversation on whether they are appropriate investments for the UMC. Information on these and other companies has been shared with Wespath. The list will be updated as new information is available, or as companies cut their ties to the occupation.

FLIR SYSTEMS, INC. (NASDAQ:FLIR) owns ICX Technologies, which makes surveillance radar used around illegal settlements and in the Separation Wall.

HONEYWELL (NYSE:HON) supplies components for bombs Israel has used against the Palestinian people and supplies engines for Israeli jet aircraft trainer fleet. Honeywell is ranked #11 on the list of largest US arms suppliers.

L3 COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS INC. (NYSE:LLL) provides luggage scanners for Israeli checkpoints on occupied land; owns KDI Precision Products, which is one of the contractors providing bomb fuses and related items to Israel’s military. L3 is ranked #6 among the largest military contractors in the United States, with $13 billion in arms sales

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SA (EPA:SU) owns Pelco, which provides security cameras being used by the illegal settlements such as those in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem. announces-new-pelco-spectra-hd-1080-high-speed-dome-positioning-system/

SIEMENS (NYSE, FWB:SI) supplies traffic control systems for installation on Israeli-only roads leading to settlements in the West Bank; sold 118 passenger coaches to Israel Railways corporation for use in a rail line that runs through occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank

UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION (NYSE:UTX) provides weapons and military supplies for occupation forces. In 2012, UTX was ranked as the 7th largest military supplier in the United States with more than $11 billion in arms sales. The company was on the list of prohibited investments for Wespath for years, and UMKR is not certain why Wespath chose to reinvest.

VALERO ENERGY CORPORATION (NYSE:VLO) is one of the major providers of fuel for military planes and vehicles used by Israel’s occupation forces.  .;col1

VOLVO (NASDAQ:VOLV) provides mobile interrogation centers for Israeli prisons, provides construction equipment for occupation infrastructure; provides buses for occupation army and illegal settlers (see photo)


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