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There are additional projects in Israel-Palestine that  are jointly or individually supported by The United  Methodist Church, the World Methodist Council,  and The Methodist Church in Britain.

​All contributions to the projects listed below are tax  
deductible for US citizens and one hundred percent  of your donation goes to the project. The United  Methodist Church pays the administrative costs.

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and be sure to put the Advance number of the project on the memo line.
Mail to: Advance GCFA, PO Box 9068 GPO , New York, NY 10087-9068

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Please call 1-888-252-6174.

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One hundred percent of all Advance giving goes to the chosen mission project.

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Download a list of these United Methodist projects in Israel/Palestine

The Advance is an official program of The United Methodist Church for voluntary, designated, second-mile giving. Through The Advance, United Methodists may choose to support mission programs or mission personnel with their financial gifts. Each Advance project has been vetted and approved by Global Ministries and Advance staff. 

The Advance is an accountable, designated giving arm of The United Methodist Church that ensures 100% of each gift is used for its intended mission or ministry. The work of The Advance fulfills both physical and spiritual needs through a variety of partnerships worldwide to reach mutual goals that make a life-changing and long-lasting impact.

Since its founding in 1948, The Advance has helped channel over three million gifts totaling over one billion dollars to thousands of projects and ministries around the world. The Advance has been a lifeline for tens of thousands of mission endeavors. Learn more at:

Download this booklet about UMC Advance Projects

Augmenting Food Production and
Income in Times of Siege: Urban Gardens:

Advance #629001

Augmenting food production and income for
women in Gaza, Palestine through Urban Gardens

Bethlehem Bible College:
Advance #12017A
Training Arab Christian leaders to serve and strengthen their church and community in the
Holy Land

Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees - Middle East Council of Churches:
Advance #14908A
Advancing human rights, health, education, self-realization, income generation and world recognition

Hope School:
Advance #12018A
Educating and boarding disadvantaged children

from the West Bank in a caring Christian


Jerusalem Princess Basma Center
for Disabled Children:

Advance #14238A
Empowering children with disabilities through comprehensive rehabilitation and

inclusive education

Leadership Training for Christian Youth
in Liberation Theology:

Advance #14909A
Supporting Palestinian Christian youth through trips, Bible study, workshops and volunteering

Mar Elias Peace Study Center:
Advance #3020532
Provide scholarships and interfaith

educational program for future peace-makers

in Israel/Palestine

Shepherd Society:
Advance #3020439
Providing short and long-term humanitarian

assistance and development aid for the

Palestinian people

The Four Homes of Mercy for Disabled:
Advance #3020711
Serving people with special needs by providing

them with appropriate services and a loving home

Wadi Foquin Narjes Community
Development Project:

Advance #3021565
Providing community-based development

projects for residents of Palestinian villages

in the West Bank

Wi'am Community Empowerment
and Conflict Transformation:

Advance #14910A
Advancing a culture of peace and acceptance while promoting nonviolent resolutions to conflict

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UMC and other Methodist Projects in Israel/Palestine

for our work to continue.

United Methodists are responding to Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth ,a statement of faith and urgent call to action from Christians in Palestine.  UMKR seeks, through nonviolent means and in partnership with Palestinian Christians, freedom, justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis.

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With very limited resources, UMKR has made a major impact in the United Methodist Church.

Groundbreaking divestment and boycott actions by the UMC would never have happened without UMKR's advocacy AND the extraordinary partners and allies who have worked with us and supported our efforts.

 If we are to continue advocating for Palestinian rights throughout our international denomination, we need your support.   

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Please give as generously as you are able, and know that gifts of every size make a difference.


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