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Dec. 2016 – UMKR has a (slightly) new name:  United  Methodists  for  Kairos  Response


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For UMC clergy and employees:you are the stakeholders in the services provided by the UM General Board of Pension and Health Benefits. Let them know you want occupation-free investments .
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Answering the urgent call from Palestinian Christians 
~ in Kairos Palestine:  A Moment of Truth ~ for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just peace in the Holy Land.

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The UMKR Response - March 2017 
• UMKR Calls for Boycott of HP Products   • 6 UMKR resolutions for 2017   • 12 Missionaries Write to Trump   • "What Would They Say Now?" FOSNA’s Lenten study for 2017   • 7 Recommended Trips for 2017   • Meet UMKR's Co-Chairs
MORE NEWS: Palestinian Pastor writes Open Letter to UK Prime Minister; United Methodists Join in Briefing Paper to Trump and Congress; Video: “In Their Own Words: Palestinians Champion BDS”; WCC General Secretary meets with Palestinian President; Leaders of US Campaign visit US/Mexico Border
OPPORTUNITIES: Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2017; 10th Sabeel International Conference - Livestream; "Obliterated Families": Schedule screenings, presentations, and/or exhibits, "Junction 48": Schedule a film screening.

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Newsletter, Answering the Call- December 2015

Newsletter, Answering the Call - November 2015

Newsletter, Answering the Call- October 2015

Newsletter, Answering the Call  - September 2015

Newsletter,  Answering the Call  - July 2015      Read and download the July 2015 newsletter in pdf format »
Your Action Needed for Palestinian Children (Ask Congress to sign McCollum Letter) - June10, 2015
Support Iran negotiations, Help Yarmouk Refugees - April 11, 2015
"Gaza is on the verge of collapsing" (U.S. Aid to Palestine; Release Palestinian Taxes) - February 17, 2015
Tell your members of Congress: UMC opposes settlements -

January 17, 2015


"Event of the Quadrennium" is coming soon! - May 2014
The time has come! Registration opens for 2 Israel/Palestine Events - March 31, 2014
CORRECTION for Feb 1st email -  February 3, 2014
Two actions that will help: Wadi Foquin Congressional Briefing; SodaStream Twitter Campaign - February 1, 2014


News & Action for Israel/Palestine - October 16, 2013
Help the Sisters, contact Kerry! - May 8, 2013
Israel Lobby Gears Up to Oppose Church Divestment- March 6, 2013

Action for Superbowl, SodaStream Ad -  January 31, 2013


Could it "take a village" to reach Congress?

Congressional Briefing on Wadi Foquin - December 15, 2012
Simple Do's and Don'ts for Holiday Shopping - December 7, 2012
15,000 Signatures! Your Comment Needed - November 29, 2012
Support 15 Leaders' Letter to Congress - October 29, 2012

Stand with 15 Courageous Leaders! - October 27, 2012

End Discrimination against Palestinian-Americans  - June 19, 2012
The Win We Didn't Expect - May 10, 2012
UMKR Responds to General Conference Vote - May 2, 2012
Tutu Writes to UM Delegates in Tampa Bay Times- May 1, 2012
Delegate Invitation GC 2012: Divestment Q&A - April 30, 2012

Delegate Invitation GC 2012: Meet Indigenous Palestinian Christians - April 27, 2012
"60 Minutes" report on Christians in Holy Land - April 24, 2012
Delegate invitation GC 2012: Free Lunch with Palestinian and Israeli - April 23, 2012
Rabbis Supports UM Divestment - April 5, 2012

Kairos Palestine Responds to Ambassador Oren - March 20, 2012

Support UMKR at General Conference 2012- Feb 17, 2012
Message of Solidarity from Bishop Swenson - January 23, 2012
Moses and You - The Village of Nabi Saleh - Nov 10, 2011


We can make history: Letter from Tina Whitehead, UM Missionary

- December 31, 2011
Kairos Palestine Turns Two  - December 14, 2011
From UM Reporter: An Unusual Advocate
  - December 2, 2011
UMKR Pledge Request, November 2011
- December 1, 2011
Special Event in Chicago / Brian Baird
- September 20, 2011

Dec. 2016 – Please note that newsletters and actions alerts prior to this month refer to UMKR by our former name. Our current name is: United Methodists for Kairos Response.

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