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Our resource offerings include materials in print, video,

and other mediums for Israel/Palestine education and advocacy.

UMKR's 2019 Resolutions and Q&A Resource
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The  Quick Facts series of flyers -  
UMKR's 2017 & 2018
education and advocacy
See the full series and download them here

UMKR's 2018 resolutions and associated resources:
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UMKR's 2017 resolutions and associated resources:

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Below on this page you will find UMKR resources arranged by our primary Action Areas:

Divestment, Boycott, Political Action, Education and Tourism.

In the column to the right of those, you will find some key general resources and

collections by medium, such as Videos. 

All these resources have diverse uses throughout the year: class study guides,

brochures for growing the movement, PowerPoint presentations for your group, and more.

Resources from General Conference 2016:  Find them here

For older UMKR resources, please visit our Resources Archive

Dec. 2016 Please note that some of our resources refer to UMKR by our former name.

Our current name is: United Methodists for Kairos Response.


Resources Catalog

"This the Kairos..."  A collection of recommended resources for learning about Israel/Palestine and the call to action from Palestinian Christians, and for advocacy for a just peace in the Holy Land. Includes materials and information in these sections: Kairos Palestine, Education, U.S. Policy, BDS,  Responsible Tourism, Films & Books, and Organizations/Websites.

Resources from UMKR, the UMC, and others

* An asterisk indicates resources produced by UMKR.

Dec. 2016 – Please note that some of the

resources on this page refer to UMKR by our

former name. Our current name is:

United Methodists for Kairos Response.

Eyewitness Reports

Firsthand descriptions from United Methodists and others of what they have seen and heard when visiting or living in Israel/Palestine.

Giving changes everything

Answering the urgent call from Palestinian Christians 
~ in Kairos Palestine:  A Moment of Truth ~ for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just peace in the Holy Land.


Our videos include:

Video compilation for UMKR Display at GC 2012

* "Answering the Call" - divestment video

"Rabbis Support Church Divestment from  the Israeli Occupation"

"Divestiture - Two Opinions"

"Israelis Appeal to Methodists"

* "United Methodists Taking Action at General Conference 2012"

​Plenary Sessions of the landmark UMC conference: "Walking with Palestinian Christians..for Holy Justice and Peace."

​​Working for a Just and Lasting Peace in Israel and Palestine

What You Should Know • How You Can Help.  A comprehensive 36-page advocacy packet prepared by two United Methodist General Boards: Global Ministries and Church & Society..

Photo Gallery

Photos of Israel/Palestine taken by United Methodists and friends on their visits. Useful for illustrating the current reality of the Israeli occupation.


*GBPHB Petition and Signature Sheets

* Divestment Q & A

* Investing Is Not Enough

* Companies Profiting from Israeli Settlements on Palestinian Land

* Companies Producing Goods & Services in Israeli Settlements on Palestinian Land

* Companies Producing Goods & Services in Moroccan Settlements, Western Sahara

* Corporate Engagement with Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard, and Motorola Solutions

See many statements of support for UMC Divestment at ourEndorsements home page.


* Why Boycott Brochure

* Products to Boycott Insert/Flyer

* Boycott Q & A

* Settlements Boycott - Why & How

* Boycott PowerPoint Presentations:

   2015 Boycott PPT and 

   2015 Boycott PPT for the holiday season

* Boycott Preparation

* Seizing the Mandate- research on settlements products

UMC Resolution:Opposition to Israeli Settlements on Palestinian Land

Political Action

*Constituent Letter to Representative: Co-Sponsor HR 2407The Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act. - May 2019

* Briefing Paper on Anti-BDS Legsislation

- February 2016

*UMKR Letter on BDS to Hillary Clinton - August 2015

21 Organizations" Letter on Gaza to the U.S. State Department

- Dec. 2014

Christian Leaders' Letter to Congress on U.S. Military Aid to Israel

- Oct. 2012


Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth

Kairos Palestine Study Guide, from the Israel-Palestine Mission Network, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - (scroll down the page)

Call to Action: U.S. Response to the Kairos Palestine Document - Study Guide and Curriculum from Kairos USA

Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primerby Phyllis Bennis

Steadfast Hope: class for church and study groups to learn about Israel/Palestine

Is Israel an Apartheid State? 

ICAHD-USA Summary (recommended)  

Commission's Executive Summary      Commission's Full Report

Worship and Devotional Resources- see this page for many resources to use throughout the year

Holy Land Tourism

We have many brochures and flyers from recommended tour organizers. Find them at our Tourism home page.

* Flyer: Experience the Holy Land, the United Methodist Way

UMC Resolution on Holy Land Tours

Methodist Advance Partners and Projects  in Israel/Palestine:


Dec. 2016 – UMKR has a (slightly) new name:  United  Methodists  for  Kairos  Response

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