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Today's justice activists are keenly aware of how inextricably seemingly diverse struggles are interwoven, while also appreciating crucial differences in the experiences of specific communities.  Lending one another our strength and working together to transform the world is at the heart of intersectional justice work, and it is happening in many movements that include the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom, justice, and equality.


Black-Palestinian Solidarity

     Solidarity between Black Americans and Palestinians has existed in the US and Palestine for decades. It has experienced a powerful revival in recent years, especially with and following the events that erupted in Ferguson, Missouri after Michael Brown was killed by a police officer.

     In 2020, following the killing of George Floyd by a policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Palestinian support for Blacks in the US has overflowed and US activists are making the connections between brutally militarized US policing and a brutal Israeli military occupation. Indeed, the Deadly Exchange campaign of Jewish Voice for Peace demonstrates how police forces throughout the United States  are receiving militarized training from Israeli forces, with similarly lethal consequences in both places. 
Learn moreabout historic and recent Black-Palestinian solidarity.

See this pagefor Solidarity Following the Death of George Floyd.

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Dismantling Racism: Resources for learning and action


Indigenous Solidarity
Another area of activism that has existed for decades or longer, the world has seen a blossoming of mutual support and action among indigenous peoples. See how this has involved the Palestinian people. See also the growth in awareness in the United Methodist Church of indigenous rights and needed reconciliation and reparations.

Learn more about
Indigenous Solidarity,with a particular focus on Palestinians.
See also: 
The UMC and Indigenous Peoples
See also:
Brownwashing and Indigenous Normalization


Solidarity and

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United Methodists are responding to Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth ,a statement of faith and urgent call to action from Christians in Palestine.  UMKR seeks, through nonviolent means and in partnership with Palestinian Christians, freedom, justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis.

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