Action Alerts: Third Thursday Alerts
with the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy

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Congressional Briefings on Israel/Palestine

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USCPR's FAQs on Israel-Palestinian Issues 

and U.S. Policy
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UMKR Briefing Paper on Anti-BDS Legislation

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United Methodist Church Western Jurisdiction
Opposes Anti-BDS Legislation -
July 2016

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UMKR commends UN Security Council resolution, US role in its passage, and Secretary of State Kerry's statement - December 2016
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Quakers' Letter to Hillary Clinton and
UMKR Endorsement -
July 2016
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UMKR's Letter to Hillary Clinton on BDS - Aug 2015

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21 Organizations' Letter on Gaza to
U.S. State Department -
December 2014

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15 Christian Leaders' Letter to Congress 
on U.S. Military Aid to Israel -
October 2012

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