It's time – again – for BDS  to end oppression
by Lloyd Nyarota - Mondoweiss, April 26, 2015
Rev. Lloyd Nyarota is UMC clergy from Zimbabwe,  former GBCS staff in Africa, and a UMKR Member.

For many Africans, a sense of déjà vu was unavoidable last month as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu proclaimed, ‘”Whoever moves to establish a Palestinian state or intends to withdraw from territory is simply yielding territory for radical Islamic terrorist attacks against Israel.” Asked by the Israeli news site NRG if that meant a state would not be established if he remained prime minister, he said: “Indeed.”’ Three days later he won an election with unprecedented support from right wing Israelis.

​When Benjamin Netanyahu made that statement in the run-up to the Israeli election I was reminded of another prime minister, one whose words still echo in the hearts and minds of my fellow Zimbabweans. “There will be no majority rule in my lifetime,” said Ian Smith in 1969. The position of the white minority government in Salisbury had finally been clarified, and the world began to realize how monstrous it had become.  Read more »

U.S. Churches and the Boycott of Israeli Settlements
by Philip Farah - Huffington Post, Dec. 10, 2014
Philip Farah is co-founder of Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace and of Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace and a UMKR Member

Why are some churches in the U.S. calling for boycotts and divestment aimed at companies that profit from Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories? The decision last summer of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) to divest church pension funds from three such companies resulted in first-page coverage in The New York Times.  A few weeks ago a grassroots group of pastors and lay members of the United Methodist Church (UMC) launched a holiday-season campaign to boycott products made in Israeli settlements located on occupied Palestinian land.

While this group Methodists is not an official agency of the UMC, it bases its boycott call on a 2012 decision of the policymaking body of the church calling "on all nations to prohibit any financial support by individuals or organizations for the construction and maintenance of settlements; and also to prohibit the import of products made by companies in Israeli settlements."
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Evangelical Christians come under attack as more move
to oppose Israeli occupation

by John Wagner - Mondoweiss, Nov 7, 2014
Rev. John Wagner is UM Clergy in the West Ohio conference and Co-founder of UMKR. as well as first UMKR Convener and currrent UMKR Co-Chair.

On October 26, 2014, the Jerusalem Post carried an article entitled “Bethlehem Bible College – purveyor of anti-Israel propaganda” in their Christian News section. The Rev. Alex Awad, a Baptist minister who works both for Bethlehem Bible College and The United Methodist Church, was personally named as part of “a blatant attempt to demonize Israel.”   The article goes on to denounce a video the college produced on the bombing of Gaza.

Though not immediately apparent, the writer of the article is on the staff of “Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting,” a controversial US-based, pro-Israeli organization.That the Jerusalem Post felt it necessary to publish this frontal attack on a well known Bible college is actually a good sign.

Palestinian Christians against the occupation
by Philip Farah - Huffington Post, May 1, 2012
Philip Farah is co-founder of Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace and of Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace and a UMKR Member.

In a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren claimed that Christians in Israel are better off than their brethren anywhere else in the Middle East. Two Sundays ago, "60 Minutes" made clear he attempted to intimidate Bob Simon by going over Simon's head to speak to Jeff Fager, the head of CBS News and executive producer of "60 Minutes," to complain that Simon's story on Christian Palestinians was "a hatchet job" against Israel. In fact, it was a hard-hitting, but honest piece in which Simon helped to expose the terrible harm the Israeli occupation -- not Muslim Palestinians as the ambassador claimed -- is doing to Christian Palestinians in the Holy Land.
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Palestinian Pastor Sends Open Letter to UK Prime Minister

3 March 2017 – Rev. Alex Awad, retired UM missionary to the Holy Land and pastor and UMKR Steering Committee member, has written an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May about the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and Britan's role in the last century of suffering for his people. He calls on her for bold leadership, independent of the U.S., for Britain to forge a new path to justice in Palestine. Read more »

UMC Agency Joins in Briefing Paper to Trump and Congress

15 February 2017 – Fifteen Christian organizations – including the UMC General Board of Church & Society – sent a Briefing Paper to the Trump Administration and all members of Congress, calling for U.S. policies that promote peace, justice, and equality for Israelis and Palestinians. Citing issues such as massive settlement expansion, home demolitions, and military courts, recommended actions include applying the Leahy Law to all U.S. aid, protecting human rights organizations, and more. Read and download the paper »

lsraeli Rights Trump Palestinian Rights

by Alex Awad, UMKR Member

4 December 2015 – What are U.S. leader really saying when they use the tired old excuse for Israel's actions - that Israel has a "right to defend itself"?​ A hard-hitting look at what Palestinians are expected to endure, accept and refrain from doing.  Read more »

Light Pushes Away Darkness

by Sam Morris, UMKR Member

21 November 2015 – Will we choose a path of light or let another path choose us? Morris expresses his reasons for profound sadness over an event at a local UMC church - supporting the oppression of the Palestinians - and concludes with good advice for justice advocates who consider attending such event.  Read more »

A Tribute to Hashem Al Azzeh

by Dianne Roe, UMKR Member
 24 October 2015 – A former member of the Hebron Peacemaker Team  writes of the life and legacy of a Palestinian activist who steadfastly worked for justice for his people and who lost his life during the current upsurge in violence that is taking such a high toll on Palestinians. 
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Retaining Hope in the Face of Despair:

An Evening with Hind Khoury

by Lisa Bender, Chair, UMKR Boycott & Divestment Committee

September 2015 – Hind Khoury, recently appointed Secretary General of Kairos Palestine appeared in many venues this month in a tour organized by UMKR. United Methodists and others heard from this former Palestinian ambassador about the crisis facing the Palestinians as the occupation worsens, the economic hardships and the moral imperative for church members to take meaningful action to support freedom and equality for all the people of the Holy Land.     Read more »

Destruction in Wadi Foquin
June 2015 – Residents of this little West Bank Village that is being strangled by a nearby settlement were awakened one morning to see hundreds of their trees being destroyed along with vital water cisterns. Wadi Foquin is a United Methodist Advance Project and is well known to many United Methodists who have visited there.  Read more »

The Win We Didn't Expect

by Rev. John Wagner, then UMKR Convener

May 2012 – UMKR co-founder and former Convener John Wagner reflects on the results of General Conference 2012 and what lies ahead for UMKR.  Read more »

An Unusual Advocate

by Rev. John Wagner, then UMKR Convener

November 2011 – Not all activists look alike; meet a conservative evangelical and commercial banker who is a passionate advocate for justice in Israel/Palestine.  Read more »


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