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Dec. 2016 – UMKR has a (slightly) new name:  United  Methodists  for  Kairos  Response


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For UMC clergy and employees:you are the stakeholders in the services provided by the UM General Board of Pension and Health Benefits. Let them know you want occupation-free investments .
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Advocate with UMKR for a 

just peace in the Holy Land
Add your voice to thousands of United Methodists who advocate for equality and freedom for all the people of Israel and Palestine. Consider working with one of UMKR's committees or focus on advocacy in your area.

Answering the urgent call from Palestinian Christians 
~ in Kairos Palestine:  A Moment of Truth ~ for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just peace in the Holy Land.

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UMKR has made a remarkable

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Catalog with Education Resources

This four-page catalog has one page just for Education. On the back page, see additional recommended films and books and a listing of useful websites.

Learn and teach others about current "facts on the ground" in Israel/Palestine, the history of the conflict, the harsh realities of the Israeli occupation, and the Kairos Palestine call to action for the global church.

On this page, find foundational education about Israel/Palestine that can empower peacemakers who want to advocate for a lasting, secure peace – grounded in justice – for all the people of the Holy Land.

Kairos Palestine Document & Study Guides

Read the document that has launched a worldwide movement and mobilized United Methodists to action. Use study guides for a church group to learn about Kairos Palestine, the Christians who have made

this call to the world, and the urgency of their plight.

Steadfast Hope

A course on Israel/Palestine from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Steadfast Hope: The Palestinian Quest for Just Peace is an excellent course for study groups that has been used in many United Methodist congregations. It comes with a 48-page perfect-bound booklet and free companion DVD. This class corrects common myths and misperceptions about the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, presents a compelling snapshot of the present situation on the ground, and offers a guide to the challenges that lie ahead in the quest for peace. Steadfast Hope also offers an inspiring view of the activities currently being undertaken by Muslim, Jewish, and Christian peacemakers working for justice and reconciliation.

Learn more and order the materials here

Watch all the class videos online - see all the video clips from Steadfast Hope in high resolution on Vimeo here

Download the Fact Sheets that can be used to supplement the booklet - click here..

What others have said about Steadfast Hope:
"'Steadfast Hope' is an excellent resource fo people of faith everywhere who seek to be informed on the current situation of Palestine and educated on the complexity of the Palestine-Israel conflict.   I strongly endorse the resource as an exceptional guide for churches, study groups and individuals searching for tools to work towards a peace rooted in justice."  In peace,
Naim Ateek, Anglican Pastor and Founding Director of the Sabeel Center for Palestinian Liberation Theology, Jerusalem

"In this book, the Presbyterian Church explores a controversial issue with the courage and clarity few communities before it have found. It exemplifies the compassion, nonviolence, and brotherly love fundamental to Christian values and gives Jews like me hope for a just and lasting peace in our lifetimes. Challenging oppression and injustice like this will surely elicit criticism, but we know from history that prophets are scorned in their own time."
Anna Baltzer, granddaughter of Holocaust refugees, author of Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories, and National Organizer for US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

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Speakers Bureau

UMKR knows of knowledgeable and experienced speakers in many areas. Let us help you find someone who can speak to your congregation or organization.

Is it Apartheid?

Justice advocates in Israel and around the world have long known that apartheid is being practiced today by Israel in the occupied territories. But many people still object to this term, saying the situation in Israel/Palestine is not the same as existed in apartheid South Africa.

The South African government commissioned a 15-month study of the Israeli occupation by an international team of legal analysts. Their highly documented 302-page report is presented in an easy-to-read and eye-opening summary from ICAHD-USA. See the commission's conclusions and learn why it is accurate to say Palestinians are living under a regime of apartheid and colonialism.

Eyewitness Reports

Firsthand accounts from United Methodists and others

of what they have seen and heard when visiting or living in Israel/Palestine.

The Heart of It: Messaging for the Palestinian Freedom Movement

An excellent and practical handbook for everyone in the movement who needs to communicate - and that's all of us!

Photo Gallery

"A picture is worth a thousand words." See photos taken by United Methodists on their trips to Israel/Palestine

Working for a Just and Lasting Peace in Israel and Palestine
This updated comprehensive resource on Israel-Palestine from the UMC General Boards of Global Ministries and Church & Society is packed with information and resources for learning and action.

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