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General Conference

United Methodists are responding to Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth ,a statement of faith and urgent call to action from Christians in Palestine.  UMKR seeks, through nonviolent means and in partnership with Palestinian Christians, freedom, justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis.

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General Conference 2020 has been

scheduled for Aug-Sept 2022. Our justice legislation is still vital & needs

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Learn and teach others about current "facts on the ground" in Israel/Palestine, the history of the conflict, the harsh realities of the Israeli occupation, and the Kairos Palestine call to action for the global church.

On this page, find foundational education about Israel/Palestine that can empower peacemakers who want to advocate for a lasting, secure peace – grounded in justice – for all the people of the Holy Land.

See also ourResources sectionfor many educational materials in diverse mediums.


Kairos Palestine Document & Study Guides

The document that has launched a worldwide movement and mobilized United Methodists to action. Use study guides for a church group to learn about Kairos Palestine and urgency of this call from the Christians of Palestine.
See more

Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – A Primer by Phyllis Bennis
A great way to get started on the subject of Israel/Palestine, from a leading political analyst and author. Presented in an easy to read question and answer format. We have links for the answers to each question in the primer!
See it here

It is Apartheid
Justice advocates in Israel and around the world have long known that apartheid is being practiced today by Israel in the occupied territories. Some people still object to this term, saying the situation in Israel/Palestine is not the same as existed in apartheid South Africa. See this collection of authoritativ reports and studies, from the one commissioned by the South African governement in 2009 to the landmark reports in Jan and April of 2021.
See the reports

Working for a Just and Lasting Peace in Israel and Palestine
From 2017: This comprehensive resource on Israel-Palestine from the UMC General Boards of Global Ministries and Church & Society is packed with information and resources for learning and action.
Download the full booklet, 36 pages

Eyewitness Reports
Firsthand accounts from United Methodists and others of what they have seen and heard when visiting or living in Israel/Palestine.
See the reports

Steadfast Hope course

A course on Israel/Palestine from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

An excellent course for study groups that has been used in many United Methodist congregations. It comes with a 48-page perfect-bound booklet and free companion DVD. This class corrects common myths and misperceptions about the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, presents a compelling snapshot of the present situation on the ground, and offers a guide to the challenges that lie ahead in the quest for peace. Steadfast Hope also offers an inspiring view of the activities currently being undertaken by Muslim, Jewish, and Christian peacemakers working for justice and reconciliation.

Learn more and order the materials here

Watch all the class videos online - see all the video clips from Steadfast Hope in high resolution on Vimeo here

Download the Fact Sheets that can be used to supplement the booklet - click here..

What others have said about Steadfast Hope:
"'Steadfast Hope' is an excellent resource fo people of faith everywhere who seek to be informed on the current situation of Palestine and educated on the complexity of the Palestine-Israel conflict.   I strongly endorse the resource as an exceptional guide for churches, study groups and individuals searching for tools to work towards a peace rooted in justice."  In peace,
Naim Ateek, Anglican Pastor and Founding Director of the Sabeel Center for Palestinian Liberation Theology, Jerusalem

"In this book, the Presbyterian Church explores a controversial issue with the courage and clarity few communities before it have found. It exemplifies the compassion, nonviolence, and brotherly love fundamental to Christian values and gives Jews like me hope for a just and lasting peace in our lifetimes. Challenging oppression and injustice like this will surely elicit criticism, but we know from history that prophets are scorned in their own time."
Anna Baltzer, granddaughter of Holocaust refugees, author of Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories, and National Organizer for US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

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An Appeal from UMKR

UMKR has important church legislation for our denomination's global General Conference, to be held in 2021. These resolutions address:

protecting Palestinian children,
defending the right to boycott,
divesting from the bonds of occupation governments,

and other timely justice issues.

We also have BIG PLANS for educating A LOT of people throughout our church about Palestinian rights, with literature, displays, events, meals, and witness actions!

With very limited resources, UMKR has made

a BIG  impact in the global United Methodist Church! Groundbreaking divestment and boycott actions by the UMC would never have happened withoutUMKR's advocacy AND all the extraordinary partners and allies who helped us.

General Conference is always our BEST OPPORTUNITY to make an impact for Palestinian rights throughout our denomination, on four continents.

But if we are to succeed advocating for justice

with over 5000 United Methodists who come to General Conference from around the world...


EVERY DONATION – large, medium, or small –
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The Nakba at 70 (in 2018)
Nakba is the arabic word for "catastrophe" and the Palestinians' Nakba is the ethnic cleansing of Palestine carried out for the creation of the Israeli state, an ongoing colonialist practice that continues today.

2018 was the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, which many Palestinians say is not a one-time event but a continuing process and policy of Israel, to remove as many Palestinians as possible from all of what was historic Palestine. Here we have a collection of resources about the Nakba and reflections on the 70th anniversary.

IMEU Fact Sheets:

• The Palestinian Nakba
The Nakba, 65 Years of Dispossession and Apartheid
Plan Dalet
Israeli Independence and the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

• FAQs: the Nakba and Palestinian Refugees Today

Jewish Voice for Peace: 
Facing the Nakba - a collection of resources

Nakba 70 Action:

Al-Shabaka, The Palestinian Policy Network: MARKING THE NAKBA: From Betrayals and Warnings to Future Visions (For the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, a collection of essays and policy papers from Al-Shabaka's publications)

BDS Movement: Palestinians say “Their Independence, Our Nakba”

United Church of Christ, Global Ministries: "70 Years On: Seeking a Hopeful Future in a Time of Yearning"

Haaretz Editorial Board: We must deal with the Nakba

Jonathan Cook:At 70, Israel more than ever deserves a cultural and academic boycott

Middle East Monitor: Remembering the massacre at Deir Yassin