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United Methodists are responding to Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth ,a statement of faith and urgent call to action from Christians in Palestine.  UMKR seeks, through nonviolent means and in partnership with Palestinian Christians, freedom, justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis.

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UMKR Joins Coalition Boycotting Pillsbury


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Boycott        Pillsbury Boycott  #BoycottPillsbury

The United Nations has

named GENERAL MILLS as one of

seven U.S. businesses that are violating

international law by operating in

occupied Palestinian territories.

Its Pillsbury factory in the Atarot

Industrial Zone, an illegal Israeli

settlement in East Jerusalem, has

displaced, exploited, stifled, and otherwise

harmed local Palestinian lives, livelihoods,

and land.

General Mills is profiting from apartheid and

is complicit in Israel's occupation and annexation of the West Bank.

Incredibly, General Mills has endorsed

the UN Guiding Principles on

Business and Human Rights. They have

also stated in their Policy on Human Rights,

"Respect for human rights is fundamental

to our purpose of serving the world by

making food people love and to our

commitment to ethical business conduct."

It's past time that this company

put their principles into practice.

Stand up for Palestinian rights!
Send a message to General Mills' CEO that you will boycott Pillsbury products until the company stops doing business in illegal settlements.
Click here to take action with AFSC

NEW, 3 June 2021

➨  Al Jazeera Video with Charlie Pillsbury

Following up on the Pillsbury family statement supporting the boycott (see below), Al Jazeera posted this short video of Charlie Pillsbury sharing some thoughts about the boycott, the "elephant" General Mills, and Israel's settler colonialism.  See it on Facebook

NEW, 29 April 2021
➨  Public statement from Pillsbury family members:

"Why we must boycott Pillsbury"

This article appeared in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the city that is home to General Mills' headquarters. Statement signed by Charlie Pillsbury and four other Pillsbury family members. Download it
See AFSC's report
on the Pillsbury family statement
Mondoweiss report:
"Members of Pillsbury Family join BDS Fight
Against Company" 
See it here


  "We're boycotting Pillsbury.  Here's why you should join us."
Learn more about the boycott in this great article from AFSC

  In September 2020, UMKR wrote to the CEO of General Mills,
informing him of our intention to join the boycott if his company did not end its operations on stolen Palestinian land.

See the letter on our website and download it.

  Holding General Mills accountable for profiting from the occupation
Read this report and commentaryon the protest outside and engagement inside, at the General Mills shareholders meeting in September.

  U.N. publishes list of companies involved in illegal Israeli settlements
Mandated by a U.N. resolution that reaffirmed the illegality of Israeli settlements and identified them as the root cause of many violations of Palestinian human rights. 
Find out more about this U.N. list

  General Mills' complicity documented
Investigate and Who Profits are two excellent sources for well-documented  information on companies that are complicit in Israel's illegal occupation.

See their profile on Investigate

See General Mills profile at Who Profits

  Atarot Settlement: The Industrial Key in Israel’s Plan to Permanently Erase Palestine
This report examines the extent of Israel’s discriminatory measures against Palestinians, exemplified in the case of the Atarot industrial settlement in occupied East Jerusalem, and its adverse impacts on the lives of Palestinians.
See the report

➨  The Israeli Occupation and The Settlements
At, find out what is wrong with the Israeli occupation and the great harm wrought by the illegal settlements, the cornerstone of that occupation.

Find out more about the Occupation
Find out about the Settlements


Pillsbury factory in Atarot Settlement on
occupied Palestinian land