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just peace in the Holy Land
Add your voice to thousands of United Methodists who advocate for equality and freedom for all the people of Israel and Palestine. Consider working with one of UMKR's committees or focus on advocacy in your area.

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If you want to make a difference in the world, you have to know what’s happening. UMKR emails will bring you news about current justice work for Israel/Palestine, timely action alerts, great resources for learning and advocacy, and more – usually about 2 per month.

Answering the urgent call from Palestinian Christians 
~ in Kairos Palestine:  A Moment of Truth ~
for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a
just peace in the Holy Land.

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You should know

Sign up for news & action
If you want to make a difference in the world, you have to know what’s happening. UMKR emails will bring you news about current justice work for Israel/Palestine, timely action alerts, great resources for learning and advocacy, and more – usually about 2 per month.

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Whether you want to learn more or are ready to leap into advocacy, there are many ways you can support a just peace in the Holy Land. On this page we have something for everyone....scroll down the page for lots of ideas!   


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Find others in your conference or region who are justice advocates for Israel/Palestine. There may be a conference task force or one about to get started. We may also know of allied groups that are active in your area. Find out if divestment legislation has been adopted in your conference or how you could get one passed. Contact us to find out what is happening in your region: ac_organizing@kairosresponse.org


We depend on those who believe in our work to ensure it will continue. UMKR is an independent grassroots movement in our church that has grown remarkably since it began in 2010, but that would never have happened without supporters like you. Please take a moment to make an easy, quick and secure online donation. Remember, no donation is too small and whatever amount you are able to contribute will make you our superhero!


•   Sign the Petition  to the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (GBPHB) asking them to divest from the Israeli occupation, if you are UMC clergy or an employee participating in the General Board's service

•   Collect Petition signatures from clergy in your conference - download our petition with sign up sheets- and send us what you collect. Or direct them to our website to sign the petition online.


Download and use our boycott resources. You could:

•    Arrange for our short boycott PowerPoint to be shown at your church, during a Sunday service or a meeting

•    Use our insert/flyer in Sunday bulletins at your church or ask your pastor about using it

•    Distribute information about the boycott, such as the Why Boycott the Settlements Brochure, in your church and call a meeting to discuss how members can support and grow the boycott.



United Methodists and allies are contacting U.S. government leaders throughout the year with timely, coordinated messages, and supporting vital Congressional briefings that are well attended by key congressional staffers. You can join these united actions when you subscribe to our news & action - see the form on the far right of this page.


Learn more about the occupation and why we should take action

to help end it:

• See the Kairos Palestine document, Palestinian Christians' statement of faith and hope and call to action.

• Check out "Understanding the Conflict" and click on the questions you want answers to.

• Watch engrossing and informative video clips from the class "Steadfast Hope."

Help others you know to learn in your congregation or organization:

•    Encourage your church group to read and discuss the Kairos Palestine Document, using one of the excellent study guides.

•     Another great resource for study and discussion is the booklet

"Is Israel an Apartheid State?" - a groundbreaking report that provides an excellent overview of the Israeli occupation.

•    See more educational resources at our Education home page.

•    Read and download to share with others the Divestment Q & A and the Boycott Q & A

•   A good way to learn and help others to learn is to show a film about Israel/Palestine - there are some great selections
in this catalog (see it in black and white also).  Follow up your presentation with a discussion. 

Contact UMKR about bringing a knowledgeable and experienced speaker to your church or group.

•   For a really special evening, maybe you would like to serve a
Middle Eastern meal before the main event.  Get more ideas for event planning here.


There is nothing like seeing it for yourself, to understand what is really happening in the Holy Land and the urgent need to answer the call from our fellow Christians there. Be sure to spend some quality time with the "living stones" - the people of the land. Combine your fact-finding visit with a tour of the ancient biblical sites and you will experience the trip of a lifetime. When you come home, be sure to share with others what you learned about current facts on the ground in Israel/Palestine, and contact us for ways you can work for a just peace for all the people of this remarkable land. Find recommended tour organizers in our Tourism section.


Subscribe to UMKR news & action emails  of course, but you will find it helpful to subscribe to a regular source of news on current events regarding Israel/Palestine.  The mainstream media will not bring you the news of what is really happening there. Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP)offers a good weekly bulletin with a succinct review of the week's major news on this subject - subscribe to CMEP emails here

For more in-depth coverage, check out Mondoweiss and electronic intifada, both of which offer a daily email service with short summaries of  their latest news items. See other useful websites on the back page of this catalog.

(These suggestions are provided for your convenience and do not imply that other websites represent the views and policies of UMKR.)


Don't be shy about sharing what you have learned about Israel/Palestine! Talk with friends, family, members of your church and your community. That is the way our church and our societies wherever we may live will begin to understand the need for change and support it. You don't have to be an expert or have all the answers. Refer them to useful websites for more answers and contact us whenever you need us: info@kairosresponse.org.


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Dec. 2016 – UMKR has a (slightly) new name:  United  Methodists  for  Kairos  Response

​​General Conference 2016

• United Methodists call on Israel to end unjust practicesread the press release

Native Peoples stand with Palestinians see the video & statement

• Addressing myths & misinformation heard at GC 2016  read & download

• UMKR Resources for 2016 General Conference delegates see the resources

• UMKR speakers, rallies and volunteers: our notated photos albums for GC 2016

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For UMC clergy and employees:you are the stakeholders in the services provided by the UM General Board of Pension and Health Benefits. Let them know you want occupation-free investments .
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