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​​​​​2018 Resolutions and Associated Resources

RESOLUTION: Consider Investing in Wespath's

Social Values Choice (SVC) Suite of Funds

Encourages conference investment managers and clergy and

lay employees to put some of their funds or pensions in the

SVC suite of funds, in which Wespath is responding to the call

from many annual conferences to divest from companies that

are complicit in and profiting from the Israeli occupation.

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Download UMKRs' Q & A for this resolution
Download Wespath's flyer on the SVC suite of funds

RESOLUTION: Protecting the Right to Peacefully

Address Injustice through

Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (2018 version)

Opposing state or federal legislation that would stigmatize

or penalize those who support BDS action for a just peace

in Israel/Palestine.
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Download the 2018 Q & A for this resolution 

Resource for all of these:

Download the Quick Facts on Palestinian Children

and the Israeli Occupation (rev May 2018)

See the entire UMKR Quick Facts series here

RESOLUTION:  Addressing Federal Legislation

on Israeli Detention of Children

Calls for conference boards and agencies to review investments that contribute to suffering and abuse of Palestinian children. Also calls for the conference Board of Church and Society to consider how to educate United Methodists and how to interact with legislators on this issue, and to bring recommendations to the next annual conference session.

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RESOLUTION: Advocating for the Rights of Children

Living Under Israeli Occupation (2018)  
Calls for the conference to uphold the Foreign Assistance

Act by withholding military aid to Israel for violation of

Palestinian children’s human rights. Also calls on the U.S.

Senate to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights

of the Child, and for conference members to contact

Congress urging them to respond to these calls.

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RESOLUTION:  Child Incarceration, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and UMW Priorities
Calls for endorsement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as it relates to incarcerated children. Also calls for the conference Board of Church & Society and conference UMW to consider: 1) how the conference can educated United Methodists on this issue, 2) how to interact with legislators on this issue and 3) whether the conference should dissociate financially from entities at home or abroad that profit from child incarceration, and to bring recommendations on those matters to the next annual conference session.
Download it

RESOLUTION: Responding to the Request by

Palestinian Christians
Brings attention to the urgent request of the

National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine

that church bodies around the world increase their support

for the human rights of all people in the Holy Land, with

particular regard to the rights of ethnic minorities, Christians

and other religious minorities, imprisonment of children,

and the right to nonviolent protest. Calls for endorsement of

the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UMC

Social Principles regarding the rights and responsibilities of Israelis and Palestinians. Also calls for the conference Board of Church and Society to bring recommendations on that request to the next annual conference session.

Download it

​Download the Quick Facts on Settlements and the Israeli Occupation (May 2017)

Download the Quick Facts on United Methodists and BDS (rev May 2018)  

Download the Quick Facts on United Methodists and Israel/Palestine (updated Jan 2018)


RESOLUTION: Avoid Purchase of HP Products (2018)
Calls on conference boards, agencies, and individual

United Methodists to refrain from purchasing HP products

until this family of companies ends its involvement with the

Israeli occupation. 
Download it​

Download a brochure from the international Boycott HP coalition 
See UMKR's HP Boycott and  the HP-Free Churches campaign 
on this page.​​



UMKR's series of Quick Facts resources have many uses at events, in displays,

and at meetings of peace and justice groups. They are designed for general

education and advocacy on key issues related to Israel/Palestine.

Click a title to see and download the 2-sided flyer:

United Methodists & Israel/Palestine (updated Jan 2018)

Settlements & the Israeli Occupation (2017)

Palestinian Children & the Israeli Occupation (2017, rev May 2018)

BDS for Palestinian Human Rights (2017, rev May 2018)

United Methodists & the HP Boycott(2017)

We have designed these resources in black ink for affordable printing of photocopies.

When using more than one flyer in a display or at an event, we recommend

printing them on a variety of colors. Warm and bright colors like yellow,

goldenrod, salmon, ultra lime etc. look good with the gray tones in these designs.


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United Methodists are responding to the urgent call from Palestinian
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