Dec. 2016 – UMKR has a (slightly) new name:  United  Methodists  for  Kairos  Response

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Answering the urgent call from Palestinian Christians 
~ in Kairos Palestine:  A Moment of Truth ~ for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just peace in the Holy Land.

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With limited resources, UMKR has made a remarkable impact in the UMC. But this vital peace and justice work can only continue with the support of those who believe in it. Gifts of any size WILL make a difference! Click the button to see how you can donate securely online or by mail.

UMKR welcomes donations from all who want to see a just and lasting peace in the Holy Land. You may donate to UMKR online or mail a check; please see instructions below and on the right.  Donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor: Open Table of Christ United Methodist Church.

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United Methodists for Kairos Response is leading the effort in the United Methodist Church to bring an end to our church's investments in companies that maintain and expand the Israeli occupation.  This is a brutal military occupation that is destroying Palestinian lives and society.  Christians in the Holy Land have called out to the churches of the world to take meaningful action that can bring the occupation to an end.

UMKR organizes United Methodist advocates across the US and around the world. We educate thousands every year about the reality of the occupation and the need for ethical investing by our church.  We do this through public events and presentations, press releases, publications, online advocacy, legislation, and meetings.

All our educational and advocacy work – internet communications, travel to events, providing print and audio/video resources and more – requires funding. We are organizing a global campaign for UMC economic action leading up to General Conference 2016 in Portland, Oregon, a huge undertaking that requires travel for speakers and volunteers, special events, display booths and printed material.  Already we have translated our material into many languages for the benefit of our international delegates.

As a result of legislation passed by our church in 2012, we are mobilizing United Methodists to support the boycott of products from Israeli settlements, and organizing with other faith communities to expand the boycott in the US. We have developed resources about products being imported to the US from the settlements that are being used throughout and beyond our church. We have also published detailed information about companies that are significantly involved in the Israel occupation in other ways.  Such research requires countless hours of work by our volunteers, subscription to online research sources, and printing of our publications.

We engage the agencies of our church to consider appropriate action that will uphold our principles in the Book of Discipline and will demonstrate our church's long-stated opposition to the Israeli occupation. Engagement requires travel to investment hearings and other meetings around the United States.

We are educating our church leaders and members about the importance of responsible tourism in Israel-Palestine, making trips to the Holy Land that will include meeting Palestinians, learning about the conditions under which they live, spending time in occupied territory and supporting Palestinian businesses as they travel.  We have developed a professional packet of materials about Holy Land Tourism for United Methodists who are planning a visit to Israel-Palestine.

Our present actions and future plans need your support - your help is crucial if we are to continue with our work. Every gift helps, no matter the size.  Please give as generously as you are able - at the top of this page, see how to donate online or by mail.


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