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United Methodists are responding to Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth ,a statement of faith and urgent call to action from Christians in Palestine.  UMKR seeks, through nonviolent means and in partnership with Palestinian Christians, freedom, justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis.

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EAPPI: Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine Israel

A program of the World Council of Churches (WCC)

Learn more at their international website:

Visit the US website and see information about their


Enthusiastic, caring, and dedicated. A vision of justice and peace in Palestine and Israel brings internationals human rights monitors to witness life under occupation and go home to promote change.

We’ve brought 1,800 ecumenical accompaniers to live in the West Bank and monitor human rights.                                  

Ecumenical Accompaniers provide a protective presence, monitor human rights abuses, and support Israeli and Palestinian peace activists. EAPPI contributes to an end of the occupation and encourages a peaceful resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in accordance with international law and UN resolutions. We witness life under occupation, engage with local Palestinians and Israelis who are nonviolently pursuing a just peace, and seek to change the international community’s involvement in the conflict, urging them to act against injustice in the region.

Participants of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI)
• Live in the West Bank for a three month term 
• Work as an international team to provide protective presence to vulnerable communities 
• Monitor and report human rights abuses and support Palestinians and Israelis working together for a just peace 
• Build relationships with Palestinian Christian communities and others supporting non-violence globally to strengthen networks of solidarity 
• When they return home, talk about their first-hand experiences to inform people of the realities of the occupation and campaign for a just and peaceful resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict based on international law and UN resolutions. 

EAPPI is a program founded by the World Council of Churches in response to a call from the local Heads of Churches in Jerusalem.

EAPPI-US is the US based program through which Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) from the United States participate in EAPPI. EAPPI-US is supported by US national churches in partnership with Church World Service and welcomes engagement from a wide range of churches, agencies and individuals.

EAPPI-US is supported by: 
 Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) (in the US and Canada) 
 Episcopal Church (USA) 
 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 
 Presbyterian Church (USA) 
 United Church of Christ (in the United States) 
 United Methodist Church 

Scholarships Available 
EAPPI-US has funding to reduce the costs of participating in the program. These scholarships are intended to strengthen the advocacy work of EAPPI-US and will be awarded to candidates with strong advocacy skills and experience, and the ability to commit to post-term advocacy work. 

Please direct requests for application forms and any questions to: