Life Illuminated

APRIL 28 - MAY 9, 2019
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Come and See Witness Trip

JUNE 12 - 25, 2019

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​The Holy Land from a Woman's Perspective Tour

September 24 - October 4, 2019
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Life Illuminated
APRIL 28 - MAY 9, 2019

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the

Holy Land. Spend time with the people,

explore the histories of past and present,

visit the treasured sites that have captured

hearts and minds throughout the ages,

engage in daily reflection and group

discussions, and discover how you can

partner with the transformative

peacemakers of the region.

Experience the monumental sites of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus, the Galilee, Nazareth, and more. Meet with Palestinian Christians and Muslims and Jewish Israelis and hear from organizations working for an equitable and lasting peace in the Holy Land.

10 Days for $1,995
Includes accommodations, ground transportation, tours, tips, honoraria, and all meals. Does not include flights, travel insurance, or beverages other than water.

Day 1: Jerusalem
Orientation in Jerusalem
Day 2: Holy sites in Jerusalem
Mount of Olives, Dominus Flevit, Garden of Gethsemane, Via Dolorosa (Palm Sunday route), Church of the Resurrection (Holy Sepulchre), Bethsaida, St. Anne’s, Dome of the Rock, and the Western Wall; evening meeting with Christian clergy
Day 3: Political orientation in Jerusalem
Contemporary Way of the Cross and conversation with OCHA, Breaking the Silence, or Military Court Watch
Day 4: Bethlehem
Dar al Kalima and meeting with Mitri Raheb, visit Wi’am: The Palestinian Conflict
Transformation Center, lunch at Wi’am, Walled Off Hotel, and Church of the Nativity
Day 5: Hebron
Ibrahimi Mosque and Christian Peacemakers Teams (CPT), Tent of Nations meeting and lunch, guest speaker (Combatants for Peace or Parent Circle), free time
Day 6: Jericho
Jericho, Qumran, Jordan River, and the Dead Sea
Day 7: Ramallah and Nablus
Meet with Stop the Wall; have lunch with Quaker leader Jean Zaru; head to Nablus, Jacob’s well, Mt. Gerezim, and Samaritans; and enjoy the specialty of Nablus, kanafeh!
Day 8: Sea of Galilee
Sea of Galilee, Mt. of Beatitudes (option to hike down), Capernaum, Primacy of Peter and Tabgha, reflection at the sea, Caesarea Maritima
Day 9: Nazareth
Political and religious Nazareth area tour; debriefing, reorientation, and farewells



Come and See Witness Trip
JUNE 12 - 25, 2019

We extend a warm invitation to join this

cross-cultural encounter. View the holy

sites and visit with people passionately

involved in peacemaking. Please join us

on this unforgettable journey!
Trip Highlights
• Visit the holy sites in the Old City of

Jerusalem: the Western Wall,

the Church of the Holy Sepulcher,

and the Dome of the Rock. 
• Experience the realities of the

Palestinian community living under

Israeli occupation: the wall, settlements,

checkpoints, confiscated land and

demolished homes, refugee camps, and

environmental degradation.
• Visit the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation

Theology Center in Jerusalem.  
Meet with Palestinian groups such as the

Tent of Nations, Lutheran projects in

Bethlehem, Badil Center for Refugee

Rights, the Alrowwad Theater in the Aida

Refugee Camp, Stop the Wall, and Al-Haq

Human Rights Center in Ramallah.
• Meet with Israeli groups like B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, and Zochrot, which raises awareness of the Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948.
• Visit the site of a destroyed Palestinian village in Israel and learn about the loss of civil and property rights currently experienced by Palestinians with Israeli citizenship.
• Travel to a Bedouin village in the Negev Desert and hear of their struggles.
Spend two nights in the Galilee and visit Nazareth, the Mount of Beatitudes, and the Sea of Galilee.
• Tour Nablus in the heart of the West Bank including the Old City and Jacob’s well.
• Meet with the Christian Peacemaker Team in Hebron, and visit the Ibrahimi Mosque, honored by Jews and Muslims as the burial place of Abraham and Sarah.

Tour Leaders:
Arnie Voigt 
is a Lutheran minister and serves on the planning committee for Friends of Sabeel–Colorado. He  has visited Palestine and Israel many times and has led numerous tour groups. This is the ninth trip that Arnie and Joy are organizing together.
Joy Lapp 
teaches religion and ethics at Iowa Wesleyan University. She spent three years in the Middle East working with Mennonite Central Committee and serves on the steering committee of the Mennonite Palestine Israel Network (MennoPIN).

Get more information:
Arnie Voigt: (303) 218-8122 or
Joy Lapp: (720) 201-3697 or


The Holy Land from a Woman’s Perspective
September 24 - October 4, 2019
​Option extension: October 4-7 in Ramallah, West Bank

Get a different view of the Holy Land as you hear the stories and visit significant sites connected to women in the Bible such as Deborah, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. Reflect on the life of Jesus in Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, on the Sea of Galilee and many other places where he lived and taught. Visit with staff from NGOs working for peace. Also enjoy the natural beauty of the land at the Banias Nature Reserve and the oasis of En Gedi. On this tour you will meet the “Stones” that tell the stories and form the basis of our faith.  You will also meet the “Living Stones”, the people who live in the Holy Land today–Jewish Israelis, Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

Since 1982, Kathy Bergen has belonged to a variety of organizations working for peace and justice in the Middle East. She spent 16 years living in Israel/Palestine and organized study tours in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel for groups from universities, seminaries, colleges, and churches from around the world. Shirley Redekop, the president of Mennonite Women Canada, is an experienced tour leader who will act as logistics manager.
Watch a recording of a webinar about the tour,
see the itinerary and learn more:

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