The International Convention on the Suppresssion and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid, adopted by the United Nations in 1973
Download it here > see the definition of Apartheid in Article II.

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• 2009 Report on Israeli apartheid regime in the Occupied Palestinian Territories commissioned by the South African government:
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• 2017 Report on Israeli apartheid for a United Nations commission:
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Paper from B’Tselem, the Israeli Human Rights Center,
January 2021:
"A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid

Nathan Thrall's 2021 article in The London Review of Books:
"The Separate Regimes Delusion"

Video of South African theologian Farid Esack's
"Open Letter to the Palestinian People"

His belief that Palestinians are living under apartheid:

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Apartheid Then and Now:
A Conversation with South African and Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Activists.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021
10am PT, 1pm ET (US, Canada) / 6pm UTC / 8pm Palestine

What is apartheid? How are the South African and Palestinian experiences the same? And different? How can and should apartheid be opposed?

Kelvin Sauls was born and raised in townships south of Johannesburg, South Africa and became a leader in the anti-apartheid movement through his local Methodist Youth Fellowship. After a career in pastoral ministry he now serves as the Network Strategist at Community Health Councils in Los Angeles and is a Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Institute for Racial Equity where he is engaged in faith-rooted multi-racial and multi-faith community organizing through sacred resistance and moral re-imagination. Rev. Sauls hosts a monthly podcast, “Faith Without Borders,” is a Co-Founder of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and serves on the boards of multiple movement-building organizations working towards a more just, fairer and inclusive society. After a 2008 Holy Land pilgrimage, he joined the United Methodist effort to oppose the occupation of Palestine.

Sandra Tamari is a Palestinian, a lifelong advocate for Palestinian rights. In 2012, Israel barred her from entering Palestine because of her activism. A specialist in Arab studies and education, she is currently the Executive Director of the Adalah Justice Project, a Palestinian advocacy organization based in the U.S. that incorporates the struggle for Palestinian rights into existing liberation movements around the world.  Sandra, based in St Louis, organized the Palestinian contingent to Ferguson in 2014 in response to the killing of Mike Brown. She was co-chair of the Steering Committee for the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights from 2015-2018.


Below the video, see useful links that were shared during the webinar.