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​​The Right to Boycott

Our new page presents why and how this basic right of free speech is under attack acroos the US, Europe and beyond, and how we can take action to protect democratic freedoms.  See it now

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Find many digital events to attend from home:
Solidarity in the time of Covid-19,

​​UMKR, a member of the Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC), joins LYNC's call for justice in the church in this time of COVID-19. See the letter

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Our latest tweets

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General Conference

Take Action

An Appeal from UMKR


Take Action


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 UMKR  Mailing Addresses

Michelle Alexander breaks her silence

UMKR has important church legislation that will be considered at GENERAL CONFERENCE:

protecting Palestinian children,
defending the right to boycott,
divesting from occupation government bonds, and other timely justice issues.

General Conference is always our BEST OPPORTUNITY to make an impact for Palestinian rights throughout our church, on four continents.

Who Supports BDS?

So many Christian denominations, Israeli & Jewish organizations, businesses, labor unions, and more support boycott and divestment for Palestinian rights.  See this list

▶︎ Letter from Palestinian clergy:"Bethlehem...already feels like an open prison. Annexation means the prison becomes even smaller..." See it 
Pres. of United Methodist Bishops, 26 other religious leaders write to Congress, opposing Israeli annexation of Palestinian landSee it 

▶︎ Israeli annexation: WHAT is annexation all about, WHY it is feared, and HOW we can take action to oppose it?  See our Annexation Watch

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Our latest posts


GC 2020 has been

postponed until
2022. Our

resolutions for

Palestinian rights are

still vital and need your support!

DIGITAL EVENTS across the the US and

the  world that keep us connected with Palestinians & global activists,

CAMPAIGNSwe can support,  NEWSon COVID-19 in Israel/Palestine, and PERSONAL SUPPORT to help us  get 

through this difficult time.     See our Covid-19 section

Israeli Detention of Children

One of the biggest issues in the Palestinian rights movement, the subject of a groundbreaking bill in Congress. Learn more, find top resources, and opportunities for action.  Visit this page

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An Appeal from UMKR

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Open Letter from Christian Clergy in Bethlehem

"Bethlehem, surrounded by walls and settlements, already feels like an open prison. Annexation means the prison becomes even smaller, with no hopes for a better future."  See their full letter

We can’t breathe until we’re free! Palestinians stand in
solidarity with Black Americans
From the Palestinian BDS National Committee
See this eloquent and very powerful statement

27 Religious Leaders write to Congress, Oppose Israel Annexation of Palestinian Land
Signers include the President of the UMC Council of Bishops
"We share the grave concern expressed by the Council of Patriarchs and Heads of the Holy Land Churches who in a statement dated May 7, called upon Israel to refrain from annexation, making clear that such a unilateral move “would bring about the loss of any remaining hope for the success of the peace process.” Formal annexation is an act of aggression, not a step for peace."
See the full letter; learn more about annexation

Dire Consequences of Israel’s “Coalition Government”
The board of Kairos Palestine raises an alarm regarding the consequences of the third failed Israeli election in less than a year. The resulting coalition established on April 20, 2020 combines two of the most right-wing parties—Bennie Gantz’s Blue and White and Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud—in a deal that directly threatens Palestinians’ freedom, health and human rights.
See the full statement, plus background info from UMKR

LYNC Open Letter to the Church

In an open letter to The United Methodist Church,  the Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC) calls for people of faith to "pick up the mantle of justice and speak out against oppression in all forms but especially the oppression of the most marginalized and at-risk in our world." UMKR is a member of LYNC.  See the letter


​​UMKR Sept-Dec Newsletter:
Black Church Call, Trump's EO, 🎄This Season, South African Methodists,
Church Leaders and members are "all in"
for HR 2407, 2020 Trips, and more...See our news & action

Dual Palestine Conferences: Kairos Palestine's 10th

Anniversary and Sabeel's International Gathering
The experiences and reflections of
United Methodists who attended these back-to-back events in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
December 2019 –
See their reports

United Methodist Church: Opposing Israeli Settlements since 1976
United Methodist leaders, members appalled by Trump administration’s disregard for international law and human rights, acceptance of crime of colonialism.  November 2019 – See the press release

Kairos Palestine Statement on House Demolitions
Palestinian Christians speak to "hard hearts" as Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes rise; remind Israel it is God's law that truly protects
September 2019 – Read the statement

The Year So Far: September 2019

This newsletter is packed with action opportunities and reports of UMKR activities, as well as action among our church partners and many allies. Sections include: Take Action (HR2407, WWPPI 2019); UMKR and Co. (Response to GC2019, Annual Conference 2019 successes, MFSA says No, GBCS' ecumenical action); Partners News (Kairos Palestine, Sabeel, FOSNA, PCAP, ELCA, UCC, UUA, CMEP, AMP, and JVP); In Focus: Black-Palestinian Solidarity; the Holy Land Beckons; and Cool Tools. September 2019 – See the newsletter

Jerusalem from the Lens of a Native Son
– Ghettoization and Pauperization

UMKR activist Philip Farah visits his homeland and reports on the dismal transformation he sees in Jerusalem
August 2019 –
Read the article

UMC Regional Bodies Adopt 8 Resolutions

Addressing Palestinian Rights
Ethical investing, particularly

regarding government bonds,

and the plight of Palestinian children

were the primary focus of eight

resolutions related to Palestinian

rights that United Methodist annual

conferences (regional bodies) in the

United States adopted in May and June 2019.
July 2019 –
Read the report

UMKR Responds to GC2019 and Judicial Council Rulings of April 2019

UMKR grieves over exclusionary legislation of GC2019, renews commitment to LYNC Vision, and invites all United Methodists to work for a just peace in the Holy Land.
April 2019 –
Read the statement

African Americans Show How Palestinian

Solidarity Is Done

M. Theresa Basile
Reviewing Michelle Alexander's NY Times Op-Ed "Time to Break the Silence on Palestine in the contexts of Black-Palestinian solidarity in recent years and of the praise and denunciations it has received.
January 2019 –
Read the article

Time to Break the Silence on Palestine
Michelle Alexander, The NY Times
January 2019 – Author of the
"The New Jim Crow" compares

Martin Luther King's controversial opposition to the Vietnam War to

the current issues surrounding support for Palestinian rights,

especially when African Americans take a stand. Describing the changes and challenges in the U.S. public debate - with a mention of the United Methodist Church's divestment from Israeli banks– Alexander identifies Palestinian rights as a cause she cannot ignore in 2019. 
January 2019 –
See the editorial

Unite to Protect Americans' Right to Boycott

Fifteen faith organizations have issued a statement condemning the current bill in the Senate that would support state legislation penalizing those who support a boycott targeting Israeli  human rights abuses. They call on all Americans to contact legislators and urge them to oppose such legislation.
January 2019 –
See the statement

2018 Year in Review: UMKR & Partners' News
Our annual "mega edition" of The Response includes

a full review of UMKR activities in the previous year, a selection of the

biggest news from faith communities and other partners, and our top picks of 2018 resources. 
Read this newsletter in your browser
Download a pdf file of this newsletter (15 MB)


SeeUMKR's Statementand the outpouring of solidarity from Palestinians and Palestine advocacy groups, & in the United Methodist Church.   Find the most discussed currentCAMPAIGNSand excellent  RESOURCES for learning and action.    See this section

United Methodists are responding to Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth ,a statement of faith and urgent call to action from Christians in Palestine.  UMKR seeks, through nonviolent means and in partnership with Palestinian Christians, freedom, justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis.

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Bethlehem, Palestine: 1st July 2020—
Kairos Palestine and Global Kairos for Justice -- a broad coalition including Palestinian Christians and international church leaders and networks -- have issued "Cry for Hope," an urgent call to end the oppression of the Palestinian people. Already, thousands of Christian leaders and church members around the world have endorsed it.
ee it yourself and endorse it!  Go to "Cry for Hope"

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General Conference

UMKR needs your support

General Conference 2020 has been

scheduled for Aug-Sept 2022. Our justice legislation is still vital & needs

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Coming Events

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News & Views


​​NY Times:  Celebrated civil rights leader & author of The New Jim Crow  goes on the record:  she can't stay silent about Palestinian rights.   See the op-ed

​​One of the most hotly debated questions today!HINT: South Africa is NOT the standard under international law. So what is?   See the answers