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Is It Apartheid?

Find out what an international team of legal scholars - commissioned by the South African government - said about the Israeli occupationSee the answer

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​​African Americans Show How Palestinian Solidarity Is Done

M. Theresa Basile
January 2019 – Reviewing Michelle Alexander's NY Times Op-Ed "Time to Break the Silence on Palestine in the contexts of Black-Palestinian solidarity in recent years and of the praise and denunciations it has received.
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Time to Break the Silence on Palestine
Michelle Alexander, The NY Times
January 2019 – Author of the "The New Jim Crow" compares Martin Luther King's controversial opposition to the Vietnam War to the current issues surrounding support for Palestinian rights, especially when African Americans take a stand. Describing the changes and challenges in the U.S. public debate - with a mention of the United Methodist Church's divestment from Israeli banks – Alexander identifies Palestinian rights as a cause she cannot ignore in 2019. 
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Unite to Protect Americans' Right to Boycott

January 2019 – Fifteen faith organizations have issued a statement condemning the current bill in the Senate that would support state legislation penalizing those who support a boycott targeting Israeli  human rights abuses. They call on all Americans to contact legislators and urge them to oppose such legislation. See the statement

2018 Year in Review: Part 1 - UMKR & Partners News
January 2019 – Our annual "mega edition" of The Response includes a full review of UMKR activities in the previous year, a selection of the biggest news from faith communities and other partners, and our top picks of 2018 resources. 
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Ecumenical Statement from 16 Christian Leaders:
Current U.S. Policy, Israel/Palestine, and the Churches

Nov 2018 – This statement was sent to all members of the U.S. Congress, as well as to the White House. It addresses the disturbing shifts in U.S. policy regarding Israel/Palestine during the Trump Administration.  See the statement

UMKR & LYNC: We Are Stronger Together
October 2018 – UMKR has taken an important step in the vital work of intersectional justice by joining the Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC) in the United Methodist Church.​ Read more about this action

Seminal  Conference of 2018 Makes Clear: The Future of Justice Activism Is Intersectional
October 2018 –The September USCPR national conference, Together We Rise, brought together the most diverse lineup of presenters yet seen in the movement for Palestinian rights, put remarkable women in the limelight, and unmistakably set the intersectional path for the movement's future. 

 October 2018 – See the report

FOSNA Conference Empowers Faith-Based Organizing
October 2018 – FOSNA’s gathering in St Paul MN just before the national USCPR conference brought together over 100 leaders and activists from across the United States who, along with a racially diverse lineup of presenters, came together to explore how to strengthen local and national organizing for Palestine, with an appropriate and strong focus on church activism. See the report

Reaching Evangelical Christians in the Bible Belt
Oct 2018 – UMKR provided multi-faceted support for the first-ever Christ at the Checkpoint conference in the United States, which featured an impressive lineup of speakers from Palestine and across the U.S. and, like similar conferences in Bethlehem, focused on reaching evangelical Christians and refuting the theology of Christian Zionism.  See the report​

LYNC Convo Includes Call to Palestinian Solidarity
The national gathering of the Love Your Neighbor Coalition focused strongly on the upcoming 2019 Special General Conference, with diverse views of the proposed plans for the future of the UMC. Two dozen workshops in that weekend included "Why We Should Be in Solidarity with Palestinian Christians" presented by Giselle Lawn, former RMN board member and Rev. John Wagner, Co-chair of UMKR. 
August 2018 –
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2018 Resolutions Focus on Palestinian Children
July 2018 – Among the eleven Palestine-related resolutions adopted in annual conference this year, eight addressed the human rights of Palestinian children and their abuse in Israeli military detention.
July 2018 –
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​UMKR Condemns Israel’s Apartheid Law
UMKR joins numerous partners in condeming the recent adoption by the Israeli legislature of the Nation State Law. This bill now enshrines in Israel's Basic Law, the Israeli equivalent to a national constitution, the denial of equal rights for Palestinian Israeli citizens who comprise 20% or more of Israel's population.
July 2018 –
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Palestinian Missionary writes open letter to UMC Leaders
Rev. Alex Awad, a retired UMC missionary and member of the UMKR Steering Committee challenges UMC leaders to do more for the people of the Holy Land, with several concrete suggestions for action. 
May 2018 –
 See the letter

8000 UM Women and UMKR is there
May 2018 – The largest gathering in the United Methodist Church isn't our General Conference, it is the United Methodist Women Assembly. UMKR had a successful display table at the UMW Assembly 2018. As a result of our special focus on education and action for the catastrophic conditions in Gaza, hundreds of personal solar lights for individuals to use were sent to families in Gaza.
 See the report

UMKR Condemns Israel's Response to the Great March of Return 2018

UMKR condemns without reservation Israel’s deliberate killing of over 100 protesting Gazans and the maiming of thousands since protests began on 30 March 2018, Palestinian Land Day, and through the following weeks.
See the statement here

BDS movement nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 
Read more and take action to support the nomination


​​Kairos Palestine

Palestinian Christians have called on us  to help end the Israeli occupation.  Discover the document that is mobilizing Christians around the world! Read it


​​Worship & Devotional Resources

Enrich your spiritual connection to the cause of justice in the Holy Land, with diverse materials for congregations & personal devotions.  See the resources


Find the following events on our Events Page

The 2019 North America

Nakba Tour
71 Years without a Country: 

Stateless Palestinians from

March 3 - early May, 2019

Numerous locations in the U.S.

ADC's 39th Annual

National Convention: 
Reclaiming Our Narrative

An American-Arab

Anti-Discrimination Committee

(ADC) Convention
March 1-2, 2019     

Washington, D.C.

AMP's 5th Annual Palestine

Advocacy Day & Training, 2019
Building Power,

Bringing Change
April 5-8, 2019  

Washington, DC

Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) 2019
Troubling the Waters for the Healing of the World  #GoodTrouble
April 5-8, 2019   •   Washingon DC

Persistent Hope: 35 Years of CMEP
A Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) Advocacy Summit
June 23-25, 2019   •   Washington, D.C.

For details, see our Events Page


​​​Sign the Global Kairos for Justice Petition!
The Palestinian Christians' movement Kairos Palestine asks the world to sign this petition, to be presented at Israeli embassies worldwide, support its call to action, and participate in events commemorating the Nakba, May 15, 2019.   See and Sign the petition

UMKR 2019 Resolutions for Annual Conferences: Avoiding gov't bonds of countries in long term occupations; ethical investing guidelines locally and in  UMC Book of Discipline See  & get them

Kairos Palestine Easter Resource  Beautiful theological reflections from diverse clergy, prayers, actions, and more
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in your congregations this Easter season!

Changing U.S. Policy 

It is time for a change in U.S. policies regarding Israel/Palestine. Find out how UMKR and allies are making an impact in Washington & get involved.  Learn more  

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Selective Divestment

Throughout the church, the call is growing for the UMC to cut its financial ties to the Israeli occupation that it has long opposed  Learn more

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Settlements Boycott 

The UMC has called for a global ban on products from Israeli  settlements. See many familiar products & how you can support the boycott.  Learn more

​​​Time to Break the Silence on Palestine - Michelle Alexander, The NY Times-Read it
Author of the "The New Jim Crow" compares Martin Luther King's controversial opposition to the Vietnam War to the current issues surrounding support for Palestinian rights, especially when African Americans take a stand. Describing the changes and challenges in the U.S. public debate, Alexander identifies Palestinian rights as a cause she cannot ignore in 2019. See the editorial

See also the UMKR editorial:    
African Americans Show How Palestinian Solidarity Is Done

UMKR's 2018 Review: PART ONE

A whole year of UMKR action, some of the biggest news from our partners, and great resources in 2018.  Download the pdf

Dec. 2016 – UMKR has a (slightly) new name:  United  Methodists  for  Kairos  Response

Answering the urgent call from Palestinian Christians 
~ in Kairos Palestine:  A Moment of Truth ~ for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just peace in the Holy Land.

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