United Methodist Kairos Response (UMKR)
an international peace movement in the United Methodist Church responding to
the urgent call from Palestinian Christians for effective action supporting a just peace in Israel/Palestine.
Aligning our Words and Actions

For many years, United Methodist resolutions have urged an end to Israel's occupation of Palestinian land and a sharing of the city of Jerusalem, which is holy to three faiths. Yet United Methodist boards and agencies hold stock in companies which sustain that occupation.  It is time for the church to align its actions with its words.  We need to stop investing in companies whose goods and services enable the occupation to continue.

Are you a United Methodist employee or clergy who believes our church should stop investing in companies that sustain the occupation? Take action by signing the petition today!

This petition is for United Methodist clergy and employees who participate in/benefit from services of the UM General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (GBPHB)

Watch our video "Answering the Call"
for an introduction on the Israeli occupation and why we are calling for UMC divestment  Watch it »

Archbishop Desmond Tutu's message to the voting delegates at General Conference,
published in the Tampa Bay Times, during the United Methodist General Conference: Read it »

Archbishop Tutu also wrote a letter of endorsement for our divestment work in 2012.
Read it »

United Methodist Bishop Mary Ann Swenson writes of her experience visiting Israel-Palestine and asks for support of UM divestment  Read it »

Rev. Alex Awad
Dean of Students at Bethlehem Bible College and GBGM missionary, wrote a powerful letter supporting divestment to United Methodist Annual Conferences.  read and download it »

» See the video and letter from 140 Israelis with a personal message for United Methodists, the endorsement statement of the UMC General Board of Global Ministries and more...

Rabbis in the United States
have a website - - to state their strong support for church campaigns to divest from the Israeli occupation.

+ Black Methodists for Church Renewal
gave overwhelming support for the divestment resolution at their national gathering in 2012

ICAHD-USA, the US affiliate of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, has written an open letter supporting Selective Divestment in the United Methodist Church, as well as the Presbyterian and Episcopalian churches. » Read their letter

The Rabbinical Council of Jewish Voice for Peace has sent an open letter, urging United Methodists to take a stand for Selective Divestment from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.  » Read it

Rifat Kassis, the Coordinator of Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth, has sent a warm letter of appreciation and support to United Methodists working for church divestment from the occupation. » Read it
Learn how the companies named in our 2012 General Conference resolution are enabling the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory and are profiting from the violations of human rights and international law. » read it

Some people have said that our church should keep investments in these companies, to be able to continue our corporate engagement and encourage them to change their policies.
See the history of our advocacy with these corporations, from 2004 to 2011, and their responses to corporate engagement.


The answers to many of your questions about divestment:  » Learn more

the Christian and Jewish organizations
that support divestment,
as well as businesses and pension funds that have cut their ties to the Israeli occupation: » Learn more

Some United Methodists are recommending replacing the call for UM divestment from the occupation with something that sounds more 'positive' - investing in the Palestinian economy.
    Learn why this approach cannot help the Palestinians, while they live under a crushing occupation - according to World Bank reports and other authoritative sources.
» Read it »

If you believe in the advocacy work of UMKR, please help the work continue
with a donation,
in whatever amount you are able!
Every gift makes
a difference.


UMKR Leader Michael Yoshii receives national award from US Campaign to End the Occupation read more »

Seven annual conferences in the US adopted legislation related to divestment from the Israeli occupation, four resolutions for church divestment and 3 to form divestment task forces.
read more »

Fifteen leaders of Christian denominations and organizations - including Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, President of the UMC Council of Bishops - have a written a letter to Congress seeking to make U.S. military aid to the State of Israel contingent upon its compliance with applicable U.S. laws and policies.
read the UMKR press release »
Join UMKR at the two most important events
of the year - of the quadrennium -
for United Methodists interested in
a just peace for Israel-Palestine:

Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church

Presented by United Methodist Kairos Response


August 7-8, 2014
Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church
Tipp City, Ohio

Sponsored by the General Board of Global Ministries and Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church

Through prayer, fellowship and study, United Methodists in partnership with Palestinian Christians will seek to put God’s call to love all our neighbors into action for justice & peace.

Mark your calendars
and make plans to join us in Tipp City, Ohio for the first UMC church-wide conference on Israel-Palestine, AND the second gathering of United Methodist Kairos Response.
Responsible Tourism
in the Holy Land

Walk with the people of our faith in the place where it all began! Follow the guidelines of UMC resolutions to live our values when visiting this extraordinary land. Learn more and download travel resources »
Boycott of Settlements Products

Seizing the Mandate: Use our groundbreaking resource to learn about the settlements, the products they export that come to the US, how to participate in a boycott of those products, and more!  See this resource and more »

UMKR Boycott Flyer: See and download it »

The Boycott Sodastream Letters to the CEOs of 14 companies that carry SodaStream products:
learn more »

Learn more about the Interfaith Boycott Coalition
and the SodaStream Campaign

The government of South Africa funded a 15-month study by an international team of legal analysts. The conclusion: Israel is clearly enforcing a regime of apartheid and colonialism in the Occupied Territories. Read the summary and download it »

Engage with this profound statement of faith, a call for action that has mobilized Christians globally, including United Methodists.  Learn more »
Firsthand accounts of the Occupation from United Methodists and others. read them »

Our RSS feeds provide highlights of advocacy to end the Israeli occupation  around the world.