Settlements Boycott 

The UMC has called for a global ban on products from Israeli  settlements. See many familiar products & how you can support the boycott.  Learn more


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Top Picks in 2016 UMKR News

See UMKR's General Conference 2016 news, top box on the right.

United Methodist regional bodies oppose "anti-BDS" legislation – September 2016

see the press release

UMKR questions Israeli crackdown on humanitarian aid – August 2016

see the press release

Congressional Briefing on the impact of Settlement Expansion - February 2016  

see the report

United Methodist Pension Fund Excludes and Divests from Israeli Banks - January 2016

see the press release

Noteworthy from 2015 and earlier

•  UMKR celebrates Boycott Success in Palestinian Territories - October 2015 
read the press release
•  Eight United Methodist annual conferences vote for divestment in 2015 
see the press release
•  UMKR welcomes new UM investment fund, while noting problems - January 2015 
see the press release
•  Landmark action: United Methodist Pension board divests from G4S - June 2014   
see the press release

From the December 2015 Newsletter:

- Palestinian Business Committee offers support

- Another boycott victory: Royalife moves out of illegal Israeli settlement industrial zone

- Churches seek to end Israel's human rights abuses - meeting with U.S. State Department

Find these stories and more in our December 2015 newsletter

From the October 2015 Newsletter:
- A Call to Action from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

- SodaStream moves operations out of the West Bank

- Kairos Palestine General Secretary shares Palestinian despair and hope; urges bold action
- Global Young Peoples Convocation sends divestment resolution to GC 2016

- Israeli Christian schools go on strike for equal funding
Find these stories and more in our 
October 2015 newsletter

From the September 2015 Newsletter
- Largest Protestant Denomination in Canada Approves Divestment
- Boycott success: Veolia sells the last of its operations in the occupied territories
- American Civil Rights Leaders Endorse BDS
Find these stories and more in our
September 2015 newsletter

​​Kairos Palestine

Palestinian Christians have called on us  to help end the Israeli occupation.  Discover the document that is mobilizing Christians around the world! Read it



Selective Divestment

Throughout the church, the call is growing for the UMC to cut its financial ties to the Israeli occupation that it has long opposed  Learn more

News & Views

In 2017, Palestinians shall commemorate 50 years of the continuing occupation of their land since 1967. This Jubilee year, which calls on all people of faith to stand by the oppressed, marks 50 years of Palestinian suffering from prolonged acts of injustice, namely through dispossession and expulsion policies, human right violations and cultural appropriation of their history and culture.

This upcoming Jubilee is a reminder of our shared responsibility and duty to stand by those seeking and working for justice. Christian and human right organizations focusing on justice work and/or promoting Palestinian and contextual theology, locally and internationally, are suffering the brunt of increasing pressures to constrain their work and impact.

Kairos Palestine continues to uphold international law to solve conflict. It also rejects theologies that justify exclusive political options and oppression, and supports the right to resist occupation through creative and non-violent means.

This upcoming 7th Kairos Palestine anniversary conference will seek to expose and analyze the efforts to silence justice on the legal, international and national levels, study their implications and define the wise way ahead through collective and sober action.

Israel/Palestine 101​

Prepare for peacemaking by learning the basics: the history of this conflict and the real situation today.  We have some easy ways to get started.  Learn more

Changing U.S. Policy 

It is time for a change in U.S. policies regarding Israel/Palestine. Find out how UMKR and allies are making an impact in Washington & get involved.  Learn more  

Kairos Palestine 7th Anniversary Conference 2016
“Faith, Sumud and Creative Resistance”
8-9 January 2017

Bethlehem, West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territories

Conference Speakers will include:
Patriarch Michel Sabbah, Rev. Mitri Raheb, Gideon Levy, Muhammad Barakah, Jamal Khader, Munther Isaac, Sha’wan Jabareen and many more.

The schedule for the conference includes an anniversary event on January 8th, a whole day conference on January 9th, and a meeting, by invitation only, for the Kairos for Global Justice and strategic partners on the 10th to plan for joint advocacy and cooperation.

For more information, you may contact Kairos Palestine at:

Learn more about Kairos Palestine at their website:

​​Worship & Devotional Resources

Enrich your spiritual connection to the cause of justice in the Holy Land, with diverse materials for congregations & personal devotions.  See the resources

Is It Apartheid?

Find out what an international team of legal scholars - commissioned by the South African government - said about the Israeli occupationSee the answer

Responsible Tourism

Be more than a tourist in the Holy Land.  See remarkable  tours that will show you biblical history and introduce you to the people of the land. Learn more

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With limited resources,
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​​General Conference 2016

• United Methodists call on Israel to end unjust practicesread the press release

Native Peoples stand with Palestinians see the video & statement

• Addressing myths & misinformation heard at GC 2016  read & download

• UMKR Resources for 2016 General Conference delegates see the resources

• UMKR speakers, rallies and volunteers: our notated photos albums for GC 2016

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Giving changes everything

Support the work of UMKR

With limited resources,

UMKR has made a remarkable

impact in the UMC. But this vital peace and justice work can only continue with the support of those who believe in it. Gifts of any size WILL make a difference!

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For UMC clergy and employees:you are the stakeholders in the services provided by the UM General Board of Pension and Health Benefits. Let them know you want occupation-free investments .
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Answering the urgent call from Palestinian Christians 
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for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a
just peace in the Holy Land.